Ask for Dangerous Lies

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The show narrates, in two different times, the story of four recently graduated friends who meet again, 25 years later, on account of their children. It is at this time that a tragic incident will lead the protagonists to court. The plot is permeated by the violence suffered by a young woman with an authoritarian father and a submissive mother, in contrast to the affection of another family whose children were raised by a single father. under the direction of Nando Schweitzer, the company The Tribe of Art takes the stage at the Aktoro Actor Training School, in the Teresita Gil Petta Theater Room. Sessions take place on Friday (15/12), at 20 pm, and on Sunday (17/12), at 19 pm and 21 pm. Parental rating: 12 years.

  Start: 15/12/2017 22:00

  End: 16/12/2017 01:30

  Values: $20 in advance. At the time, R$ 30 whole and R$ 15 half-price.

Point of sale: on site.