Show Woman from the End of the World

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The show is directed by Welington Moraes and stars Jv Batista, Lauchi Gamarra and Lucas Ribeiro. It tells the story of Miro, Madalena and Dandara. The first is the owner of a brothel in which the story takes place. During the play he shows himself to be a merciless human being, who does everything to assert his authority. Besides him, in a state of extreme human degradation, two prostitutes live there and try to survive. Madalena clings to her values ​​and to the child she needs to raise; the rebellious and inconsequential Dandara, tired of Miro's behavior, just wants to take the brothel and the power for herself. Everything gets complicated when a "simple" nightstand box appears broken in the dorm and neither of them takes the blame.

  Start: 25/05/2018 22:00

  End: 26/05/2018 00:00

  Values: On request.