The Pope's Exorcism | Arcoplex Cinema (Shopping ViaCatarina) | 26/04/2023 | CLOSED

Films: The Pope's Exorcist
Original title:
Year of manufacture:: 2022
Country of origin: USA.


Father Gabriele Amorth, Vatican exorcist, fights against Satan and demons possessing innocents. A detailed portrait of a priest who performed over 100 exorcisms in his lifetime.

Rooms and Hours

Room 2 (Dubbed) 2D - Cinema Arcoplex:

  • Thursday (20/04), Friday (21/04), Saturday (22/04), Sunday (23/04), Monday (24/04), Tuesday (25/04), Wednesday (26/04) at 21:30 .


Tickets and information

Ticket Values: ⦁ Monday: 2D Session: R$ 11,50 (HALF ENTRY) 23,00 (FULL); 3D Session: R$12,50 (HALF PRICE) 25,00 (FULL); ⦁ Tuesday: 2D Session: 9,00 (HALF ENTRY) 18,00 (FULL); 3D Session: R$10,00 (HALF PRICE) 20,00 (FULL); ⦁ Wednesday: 2D Session: 11,50 (HALF ENTRY) 23,00 (FULL); 3D Session: R$12,50 (HALF PRICE) 25,00 (FULL); ⦁ Thursday/Friday/Saturday and Sunday: 2D Session: R$ 15,50 (HALF ENTRY) 31,00 (FULL); 3D Session: BRL 17,00 (HALF ENTRY) 34,00 (FULL). Values ​​for Room 4 (Cinépic): ⦁ Monday: 2D Session: R$ 12,50 (HALF ENTRY) 25,00 (FULL); 3D Session: BRL 13,50 (HALF ENTRY) 27,00 (FULL); ⦁ Tuesday: 2D Session: R$ 10,00 (HALF ENTRY) 20,00 (FULL); 3D Session: BRL 11,00 (HALF ENTRY) 22,00 (FULL); ⦁ Wednesday: 2D Session: 12,50 (HALF ENTRY) 25,00 (FULL); 3D Session: 13,50 (HALF ENTRANCE) 27,00 (FULL); ⦁ Thursday/Friday/Saturday and Sunday: 2D Session: R$ 16,00 (HALF ENTRY) 32,00 (FULL); 3D Session: R$ 17,50 (HALF ENTRY) 35,00 (FULL). Half price: - Minors under 18 years old upon proof.- Students: only with student identification document from UNE or CIE.- Over 60 years old upon proof. - People with physical disabilities. - Teacher of the Public and Private Network upon presentation of an official identity document with a photo and a paycheck that identifies the institution and/or the employing educational establishment, the employee and the position held. Classification: It is at the discretion of parents the access of children and adolescents to any show classified up to 16 years old. But for that, it is mandatory that the parents are accompanying their children or that they are accompanied by a responsible adult and carrying the authorization term given by the parents (Ordinance 1.100, of July 14, 2006). Attention: the values ​​can change without the Floripa Guide being previously notified.

Cinema Via Catarina - Arcoplex (Shopping Via Catarina)

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