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Guarda do Embaú - Palhoça - Greater Florianópolis

Greater Florianópolis is a term that encompasses part of the metropolitan region of Florianópolis, located in the state of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil. This term encompasses the city of Florianópolis, which is the state capital, and its neighboring municipalities.

In addition to the capital, Greater Florianópolis includes the municipalities of São José, Hut, Biguaçu, Santo amaro da imperatriz, Antônio Carlos and São Pedro de Alcântara. These cities contribute to the economic and social diversity of the region, with industries, commerce, agriculture, tourism and varied services.

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Guarda do Embaú - Palhoça - Greater Florianópolis

Greater Florianópolis is one of the most developed areas of Santa Catarina, with a high quality of life, good urban infrastructure and access to health and education services. These factors make the region an attractive destination not only for tourists, but also for people looking for housing and job opportunities.

The population of Greater Florianópolis encompasses more than one million inhabitants. The capital, Florianópolis, is the most populous city in the region, followed by the municipalities of São José and Palhoça.

São José, a city in the center of Greater Florianópolis

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