Saquinho Beach

Saquinho Beach - Florianópolis Beach

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Região: south of the island
Subdivision: south swamp
Nearby beaches: Solitude Beach (north) | Shipwrecked Beach (south)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 31 km + 1 km of trail | Airport 24 km + 1 km of trail.
Beach Type: shallow beach (fine sand and depth increases slowly) and Intermediate Beach (variable bottom, with sandbanks)
Curling: Median (with small waves)
Sand range: Media (between 10 m and 20 m)
Beach Length: 75m
water temperature: Fria
Also find: trail, fishery

Location Praia do Saquinho Florianopolis

A Saquinho Beach is located in the south of Santa Catarina Island. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, it is an almost untouched beach of exuberant beauty and a mandatory destination for those who enjoy adventure, privacy and nature.

Located between the beaches of Solitude quality shipwrecked, its access is made through a trail that starts at the end of the road that gives access to Praia da Solidão, a few meters after crossing the bridge over Rio das Pacas. the beginning of bag trail it is sloping and well marked, with a kind of "central rail" made of concrete.

Saquinho Beach
Saquinho Beach

During the first part of the route, along the slope of Morro do Trombudo, there are moments to take your breath away, sometimes for the beautiful panoramic views of the entire coast of the region, with emphasis on the beaches of Solitude, Azores e south swamp, or for the steep stretches that require some physical preparation.


After reaching the top, the trail enters the forest and continues covered by vegetation. When you start the descent to the beach, pay extra attention because, because of the humidity and little incidence of sunlight, the cement track can be slippery because of the accumulated silt.

Along the way, there are several streams with fresh water. Almost reaching the beach there are some wooden houses, some abandoned and the other just for vacation, belonging to the few inhabitants of the place. This is one of the last communities on the Island that preserve the native customs.

Natural Features of Saquinho Beach

Praia do Saquinho is small, with only 75 meters of sand strip, fine white sand, and a few more meters covered with stones, forming a unique landscape.

Saquinho Beach

The beach faces the open sea. Its waters, on sunny days and blue sky, are quite clear, in a turquoise blue tone. The water in every ocean region is cold, due to the pole air current. Depending on the weather conditions, the waves are mild, the bottom of the beach has a very gentle slope, without currents or fountains. However, it is necessary to be very careful, since there is no lifeguard station or lifeguards on the beach.


On both the north and south sides, at Praia do Saquinho there are rocky shores, rich in marine life, excellent seafood and very suitable for fishing. The slopes and hills are covered by Atlantic Forest, rich in birds and wild animals. In the midst of this ecosystem, small rivers are born that flow into the sea and are the only sources of water available in the region.

History of Praia do Saquinho

According to the first residents of the region, the name Praia do Saquinho is of Azorean origin. It is said that the inhabitants of the Azores archipelago called any area protected from large waves or undertows a “bag”. In geographical terms, “bag” is understood to be the indentations in the coastline that give rise to small bays and inlets.

Saquinho Beach
View of Saquinho Beach

In Praia do Saquinho, currently, only six people live in a handful of houses, however, in the past the community had about 170 permanent residents.

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