Matadeiro Beach

Matadeiro - Florianopolis Beach

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Região: south of the island
Subdivision: South Swamp Frame
Nearby beaches: Armacao Beach (track 0,4 km north) | Lagoinha do Leste Beach (trail 4,3 km south)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 22,4 km | Airport 13,4 km
Beach Type: Intermediate Beach (variable bottom, with sandbanks)
Curling: High (from medium to large waves)
Sand range: Media (between 10 m and 20 m) and Long (above 20 m)
Beach Length: 0,9 km
water temperature: Fria
Also find: surf, fishery, river, trail, go, "foot-in-the-sand" restaurants

Location Praia do Matadeiro Florianopolis

There are no cars, buses, hotels, money changers or city noise in Praia do Matadeiro. There is nothing but beachgoers, fishing communities, surfers, families, seaside restaurants and nature, lots of nature.

Praia do Matadeiro is a destination for those who like to enjoy beaches the way they were born, just water, sand and trees.

This natural corner receives tourists looking for peace and a few residents, whose lifestyle does not come close to excessive noise or pollution.

The waters are clean and crystalline, but with wild waves and strong jets, which demand attention from bathers.

Matadeiro Beach

Some bars and restaurants offer drinks and food at great prices (comparing to the beaches on the North of the Island) to tourists who stay on the beach all day, as well as tables with umbrellas and even sun loungers. If you are planning on staying there for a long time, bring everything you need, as there is no other type of commerce besides the restaurants.

First little beach of Praia do Matadeiro

From Matadeiro, there is a trail that leads to the Lagoinha do Leste Beach, one of the destinations in Florianópolis that suffered less human intervention.


Natural Features of Matadeiro Beach

Praia Matadeiro is located between the beaches of Frame and Lagoinha do Este. Access is via the Quinca Antônio river (also known as the Sangradouro river), which starts at Peri Lagoon and ends at the Matadeiro coast. The amount of water in this river is related to the level of Lagoa do Peri and the tides. Some days, it is easier to cross it and reach Matadeiro, but there are also periods when the crossing must be more careful.

Meeting of the Sangradouro River with the sea, between Praia da Armação and Praia do Matadeiro

Due to restricted access, the local forest is well preserved. The sand is fine and white. The waters are clean, with high salinity and very clear, making it possible to practice free diving. Normally, they tend to be quite cold.


The waves are very strong, in some points the backwater is violent, causing drag situations. The east swell and the south wind can enter, leaving the waves suitable for surfing.

The southern limit of Praia do Matadeiro is made by Ponta do Quebra Remo and, to the north, the water channel of Lagoa do Peri forms the limit. It is about 900 meters long. The sand strip varies between 30 and 60 meters.

History of Matadeiro Beach

Originally, in 1785, the place was known as Saco do Matadouro, because it was on this beach that whales were slaughtered for oil, in addition to the use of meat, fat and fins. Whaling was the main economic activity in this part of the island. The current name, Matadeiro, is a misuse of the term slaughterhouse – which refers to the activity practiced on this beach.

With the decline of whaling in the mid-XNUMXth century, due to the disappearance of whales from the coast of Santa Catarina, the beach was no longer used for economic purposes. Some fishermen even made use of the beach as access to the shores where grouper fishing is favorable.

Currently, the beach has few vacation homes or permanent residences and a few bars.

Accommodation at Matadeiro Beach
Accommodation at Matadeiro Beach

Video of Matadeiro Beach

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