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I am a psychologist graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and currently completing a postgraduate degree in Public Health from the same institution and Full Training in Gestalt Therapy from Comunidade Gestáltica. I use Gestalt Therapy as a guiding approach, combined with therapeutic techniques from Positive Psychology, Body Psychotherapy and Mindfulness. I seek, through psychotherapy, to provide people with a space of welcome and comprehensive care, taking into account the interaction of their physical, mental and emotional aspects, thus seeking to promote health, self-knowledge and personal growth. In this way, psychotherapy expands the person's possibilities of getting in touch with themselves and their full life potential, exploring and developing coping strategies in a healthy way, as well as encouraging the recovery of a full and conscious life. I provide clinical services for adolescents and adults, workshops and therapeutic groups.
Author: Psychologist Talita Custodio

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