MJ Electrical Installations in Florianópolis

MJ Electrical Installations | Design, Execution and Renovation of Electrical Installations in Florianópolis.

Are you having problems with your property’s electrical installations? Put an end to defects, waste and risks. Have a reliable and safe installation for your family and customers.

Residential and commercial service throughout Greater Florianópolis.

Tips for Saving Energy

Saving on Lighting

  • Use more efficient lamps suitable for each type of work environment;
  • Try to take advantage of natural lighting (daylight) by installing translucent or transparent tiles;
  • Use independent switches when there are large illuminated areas. They make it possible to turn off lamps in certain areas, keeping the others lit;
  • Use presence sensors in environments such as bathrooms and corridors;
  • Keep lamps and fixtures clean. Dust accumulated on the surface reduces the passage of light;
  • Use mirrored lamps;
  • When possible, use localized lighting, such as table lamps, to make better use of the light generated;
  • Use light colors on walls and ceilings to make the room brighter and reduce the number of light bulbs;
  • Install photoelectric cells in external areas, such as parking lots and open corridors;

Energy savings with other equipment

  • Correctly sizing the wiring of electrical installations avoids waste with heating cables, ensuring safety and resulting in a reduction in energy bills;
  • When not using the computer for long periods, manually turn off the monitor;
  • Prevent cooling/freezing equipment from being placed close to equipment that heats up, such as a freezer close to an industrial stove;
  • Avoid obstructing the cold air outlet of equipment (thermal barriers);
  • Install thermal insulation throughout the cooling network;
  • Avoid direct lighting on frozen and/or refrigerated products;
  • Perform periodic maintenance, checking the condition of the seal on doors and lids of refrigeration equipment;
  • Avoid direct sunlight on air conditioning equipment;
  • Check if there are oversized electric motors and replace them with motors with adequate capacity, high efficiency, with a power factor greater than or equal to 0,92;
  • For bakeries, keep the oven operating at 210 ̊C for salt dough and 170 ̊C for yellow dough and cookies. In the time between batches, take the opportunity to bake yellow dough, cookies and other products. This way, heat is used more efficiently;
  • Carry out a general review of electrical installations at least once a year (wires, cables, electrical panels, circuit breakers, sockets, switches), identifying bare wires, unusual heating, singed cables, sparks and other items outside technical standards;

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Some of our services

  • Renovations of old electrical installations;
  • Execution of new electrical installations;
  • Electrical projects to build or renovate;
  • Monitoring of engineers issuing ART (Technical Responsibility) with CREA;
  • Dimensioning and updating of facilities to adapt to the modern needs of properties, with total safety and within Brazilian standards (ABNT).
  • Installation and replacement of the Celesc standard;
  • Installation of post kit and/or temporary power connection for new works;
  • Installation of new circuits for air conditioning, electrical taps, motors and other loads with high energy consumption;
  • Installation of individual meters (wattmeters) to measure consumption in parts of the property (for example kitchenettes and commercial rooms);
  • Garden lighting (landscape projects);
  • Infrastructure for solar generation;
  • Installation of charger for electric cars;
  • Renovation of electrical installations in Florianópolis.

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