Hotel in Serra Catarinense – Inns – Accommodation

Hotel in Serra Catarinense - Inn - Accommodation in the Serrano Plateau of Santa Catarina.

Serra Catarinense, also known as Planalto Serrano, is a charming region that offers unique experiences in each season of the year.

In Serra Catarinense there are a variety of accommodation options that suit different tastes and budgets:

  1. Inns: Inns are a popular option in Serra Catarinense, offering warmth and charm amid nature. Many guesthouses are family-friendly and provide a welcoming and peaceful environment for guests.
  2. Chalets and Cabins: For those looking for a more intimate and private experience, chalets and cabins are a great option. Many are located amidst nature, offering stunning views of the region's mountains and forests.
  3. Hotels and Resorts: In Serra Catarinense, you will also find hotels and resorts that offer comfort and convenience to guests. Some are located in more urban areas, while others are surrounded by nature, providing a relaxing and invigorating experience.
  4. Houses and Apartments for Rent: For those who prefer a more independent option, there are houses and apartments available for rent in the region. These options are ideal for those who want more freedom and privacy during their stay.
  5. Hostels and Hostels: For more economical travelers looking for social interaction, hostels and hostels are an affordable option in Serra Catarinense. Many offer shared rooms and common areas for guests to gather.

  • Main cities in Serra Catarinense: Lages, São Joaquim, Urubici, Bom Retiro, Correia Pinto, Capão Alto, Bom Jardim da Serra, Otacílio Costa and Urupema.