Recreanext is a recreation company linked to sport and with its own and differentiated methodology of work. Specialized in tourist and hotel recreation, it works with entertainers trained in the area of ​​recreation based on sport and well-being and also trained in sales and customer service, to help boost the internal sales of customer services along with recreational tools. and increase positive guest feedback. RecreaNext is a young company of sports recreation, sports spaces and promotional actions that enters the market in 2013 to innovate in recreation services, always focusing on quality. Our team is thoroughly trained in the area of ​​recreation and sales, not only offering a complete and safe range of activities, we also have extensive experience in managing groups and meeting your needs. Our main objective is to provide an excellent service, reaching your satisfaction with responsibility and professionalism. Recreanext, offers a differentiated service in Florianópolis, today also serving SC, RS and SP. We started by serving only legal entities but today we also have individual service packages. We work with a different type of recreation, we do not use toys such as a ball pit, jumping jack, trampoline, our activity schedules are made by us and carried out mainly with unconventional materials. We have a wide range of activities for children and adults. We specialize in tourist and hotel recreation, actively participating in the objectives of the commercial and marketing department of our partners as our entertainers are also trained in the sales area. We cater for all kinds of events from birthdays, weddings, corporate, and more.

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