School information: Name: GRCES Dascuia Foundation: 2004. Colors: Green and pink. Neighborhood: Center. President: Altamiro José dos Anjos Júnior. Interesting fact: The school's name is a tribute to Altamiro José dos Anjos, the popular Dascuia, a traditional figure in the Carnival of Florianópolis. Plot 2019: What outfit do I go with? To the enchanted world of Gesoni Pawlick. The 2019 storyline is a tribute to the deceased Santa Catarina stylist Gesoni Pawlick. So, the school draws a parallel with Greek mythology, with Gesoni being one of those chosen to propagate the legacy of Apollo, God of Arts and Order. Address and contact: Rua São Joaquim, 35 – Downtown – Florianópolis. Phone: (48) 3224-8923.