Guarani Nation

In 2019, the Guarani Nation It is based on the folkloric culture of Boi Caprichoso, one of the two rival boi-bumbá groups that compete annually in the Parintins Folklore Festival, in Amazonas. information aboutand the school Name: GRES Nação Guarani Foundation: 2008. Colors: Green and pink. City: Palhoça. President: Márcio Schutz Interesting fact: The idea of ​​the emergence of a Samba School in Palhoça took place in 2008, when Márcio Schutz, carnival designer of Os Protegidos da Princesa at the time, developed the plot about the city in the Metropolitan Region. Plot 2019: Guarani I am your people, I am a nation, I am capricious. Costumes: They can be seen on the association's website and facebook, where the names of the wings and telephone numbers of those responsible for the sale appear. Address and contact: Rua Hermano Haening, 98 – Palhoça. Phone: (48) 9981-2502