Copa Lord School Parade

In the 2018 Carnival, the Copa Lord Embassy parades in Nego Quirido catwalk and uses a lot of samba, movements, words, colors and volumes, to represent its 2019 plot: The master of the sky is. The plot brings the sun as the central theme of the plot - approaching the human relationship with the star as an element of life, cultural, religious, symbol and representation. School information: Name: SRCS Embassy Copa Lord. Founded: February 25, 1955. Colors: red, yellow and white. Symbols: top hat, cane, pair of gloves and a playing card. Neighborhood: Morro da Caixa. President: Antonio Carlos Barbosa. Interesting fact: One of the founders of the school was Juventino João Machado, known as Nego Quirido, which today is the name of the Sambadrome in Florianópolis. Titles: 19 titles. Plot 2019: The Sky Master is. Address and contact: Administrative Secretariat of the Association - Rua General Bittencourt, 545, Room 101 - Centro. Phone: (48) 3204-8795