Parade of the Union School of Magic Island

School information: Name: Grêmio Recreativo Cultural Escola de Samba União da Ilha da Magia. Foundation: 13/5/2008. Colors: Green, Gold and White. Symbol: Seagull. Neighborhood: Lagoa da Conceição. President: Valmir Braz de Souza (Nena). Interesting fact: It won its first title in 2011, in its third year as a samba school. In 2015, UIM completes 7 years on the avenue. Titles: 2 titles (2011 and 2012). Costumes: They can be seen on the association's website, where the names of the wings and telephone numbers of those responsible for the sale appear. Address: Rua Rita Lourenço da Silveira, 447 - Lagoa da Conceição.