Princess Protected School Parade

In the 2019 parade, the Morro do Mocotó school The Princess's Protected parades based on African culture and the influence of the black population. The plot A Feast of the Orixás, by Marquinho do Cavaco, is the theme chosen to honor the 70 years of the school, completed on October 18, 2018. School information: Name: Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Os Protegidos da Princesa. Foundation: 18/10/1948. Colors: Green, red and white. Symbol: Crown. Community: Morro do Mocotó. President: Alessandro Padilha. Interesting fact: Protegidos da Princesa is the oldest samba school in Florianópolis. The school went 18 years without being a champion, between 1983 and 2001 - when it won the title with a story dedicated to the tennis player Gustavo Kuerten. Titles: 26. Plot 2019: The Feast of the Orixás.  Address and contact: Rua Coronel Luiz Caldeira, 200 - Itacorubi (48) 3024-7887.