Alternative Therapies Florianópolis and Relaxing Massage

Florianópolis currently has a Specialized Massage Center Studio Beltrame, the creator of this project is Massoterapeuta Edivânia Beltrame Registration IED 006, provides differentiated and completely personalized service, each patient is evaluated in order to identify the real need and the best treatment to be given.

Massotherapy comes from Masso “Massage” and Therapy “Treatment”, consists of a set of manual maneuvers and manipulation techniques that promote the body, emotional and energetic balance of human beings, ensuring a general feeling of well-being, relaxation and invigoration.

The Studio has the following Modalities:

Therapeutic massage - Therapeutic massage is part of the set of massage therapy techniques that aim to eliminate atrophies in the body, treat pain and prevent muscle bruises.

Relaxing massage - Seek relaxation of the body and mind together. It works to combat stress, anxiety and depression and is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia, emotional blockages, anxiety attacks, fatigue and nervous disorders.

Shiatsu – It is a Japanese word that means “pressure with the fingers”. In other words, it uses only the fingers (in most cases, thumbs, fingers and palms) to press specific points on the body and correct their malfunction, with the aim of balancing vital energy and, consequently, eliminating muscle pain and body tension. and promote better blood circulation.

Myofascial Release Massage – is a manual therapy that prevents injuries and relieves muscle pain, the method used is specific devices or just with the hands. Pressing points on the body in order to release the fibrous tissue that covers the muscle, called fascia.

Cupping Therapy – The suction cup works when the tissues are released by vacuum, causing the blood to become more oxygenated and the tissues are nourished by O2. This mechanism is what explains the relief of muscle tension, fatigue and muscle pain.

The benefits of Massage, in addition to body relaxation and a feeling of well-being, include:

  1. Stress control;
  2. Decreased anxiety;
  3. Relief of tension and muscle pain;
  4. Improves blood circulation, skin elasticity and immune system;
  5. Decrease in blood pressure in the case of hypertensive patients;
  6. Relief from headaches;
  7. Reduction of tiredness;
  8. Stimulation and balance of the intestinal system;
  9. Elimination of toxins and metabolic waste;
  10. Decreased insomnia.


The touch of Massage is the healing of the body and soul, in times of everyday rush we end up forgetting our well-being. Massage stimulates self-esteem, the desire to love, the circulation of basic energy, reconnecting not only to our body but to the Soul.

To learn more about Studio Beltrame and schedule your appointment, visit:

Tantric Studio

Telephones: (48) 99197-7676 -  (48) 3307-6191 

Address: Av. Prefeito Osmar Cunha, 183 Block A room 314 – Florianópolis - SC