How to get there – Praias do Norte

How to get to the beaches: sambaqui, Daniela, Jurerê, Jurerê International, Canasvieiras, Bom Jesus waterfall, Ponta das Canas, Lagoinha, Brava Beach, English, Santinho beach and others more.

When crossing the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge, towards the island, turn right, following the curve around Avenida Beira-mar, which passes under the two bridges, Pedro Ivo Campos and Colombo Salles. Pay attention to the signs on the lane: From lanes 1 and 2 you reach Avenida Beira-Mar Norte. On lanes 3 and 4 you reach the Center.

North Route of Santa Catarina Island
North route

Continue straight ahead and on your left you will have the sea of ​​Baia Norte, counting on the right side with the wall of buildings and other commercial points of the avenue. Go straight, as landmarks you will see, on your right side, on the other side of the avenue, the Majestic Palace Hotel and the Beiramar Shopping (where the avenue is renamed Governador Irineu Bornhausen) and further on the Angeloni Supermarket ( 5 km).

Beginning of Beira-mar Norte - How to get there - Praias do Norte
Beginning of the North Seaside

Accessing the SC-401

After passing Angeloni Supermarket, stay tuned. In front of the Centro Integrado de Cultura (CIC), you should take Exit 2 and go up the Elevado Wilson Kleinubing, following Avenida da Saudade, which extends for 1 km to the access interchange to Lagoa da Conceição and beaches to the east. to the right, via SC-404, and to the northern beaches, ahead, via SC-401. About 300 m after the beginning of the SC 401, on the right, you have access to the overpass in the Saco Grande neighborhood, where the little-known Praia do Goulart is found, with a bottom of monazite mud.


Along the way, there are several large stores, in addition to Floripa Shopping. Moving on, there is the BR post. When passing through the latter, pay attention to the sign indicating access; on the right, the first beach in the North, Praia do Cacupé. Continuing along the highway, for another 4 km, you have access, also on the right, to Santo Antônio de Lisboa beach, whose accent reveals the Portuguese origin, and to Sambaqui beach, one of the places that breathe the Azorean tradition.

Saco Grande and Monte Verde neighborhoods - Floripa Shopping - How to get there - Praias do Norte
Floripa Shopping - SC-401 - Path to the north of the Island

Then, after passing the State Highway Police, you will find the entrance to Ratones, 200 m ahead. Ahead, about 2 km, keeping to the right, around the viaduct, there is access to one of the most sophisticated resorts in Florianópolis, Jurerê Internacional beach. In the same direction are also the beaches of Jurerê (Traditional) (5km), Daniela (7km) and Forte, frequented mainly by families.

Going under the viaduct and going straight ahead along SC 401, there is the entrance, on the right, to the beaches of Ingleses, with good infrastructure for tourists, and Santinho (10km), with cliffs and rock inscriptions of primitive peoples who inhabited the Island. . Continuing along the highway, the left lane leads to Canasvieiras beach and the right lane gives access to the beaches of Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Ponta das Canas, Praia da Lagoinha and Praia Brava. The latter is a popular summer spot.

Discover the beaches of the North of the Island:

North Island beaches
  1. Bom Jesus waterfall
  2. cacupé
  3. Canasvieiras
  4. Daniela
  5. English
  6. Jurerê International
  7. Traditional Jurerê
  8. Lagoinha
  9. Ponta das Canas
  10. Brava Beach
  11. Forte beach
  12. Santinho beach
  13. sambaqui
  14. Saint Anthony of Lisbon