On sunny days, the first option is always to enjoy the beach. Those who surf can take their boards, because, in most cases, the conditions are favorable to the practice of the sport. Those who don't have the skills to catch waves can also have fun with beach sports, hiking and even a walk through the dunes, in the northwest part of the beach. It is worth knowing the rock inscriptions. Admission is free and you will wander through drawings that date back more than 5 years. For the adventurers, there are trails that connect Santinho with the neighboring beaches, the English and the Mozambique. For those who don't want to take their feet off the sand, beach bars and street vendors provide the service. During the high season months, there are usually beach events, concerts by national artists or leisure activities. The Costão do Santinho resort has luxury stores and is an open place for strolling, even if you are not staying. Ecotourism companies promote various activities in Santinho, such as tree climbing, sandboarding and surfing lessons. At night, the point is the neighboring beach, the English. There are all kinds of attractions, bars, cafeterias, ice cream parlors, people selling handicrafts in the streets, nightclubs, billiards, and a lot of movement. Praia do Santinho is quieter, but there are also upscale restaurants and more affordable ones.

Santinho beach

Triptur Off Road Adventure

Come and take a quad bike tour. An ecological tour along trails that pass through the dunes and quagmire. But also cultural, to discover mysteries of the seabed, visit a fishermen's colony and much more. Other services: Corporate rally, consultancy and off-road events promoter, rental, maintenance and sale of quadricycles and off-road equipment.

  • Alderman Onildo Lemos Road, 2505 - Santinho
  • Subdivision: English from Rio Vermelho
  • Florianópolis
  • (48) 99909-9958 / 3369-5847