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Praia Mole - Florianopolis Beach

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Região: east of the island
Subdivision: Conceição Lagoon
Nearby beaches: Galheta Beach (1,2 km north trail) | Gravatá Beach (1 km south + 1,2 km of median trail) | Lagoa da Conceição beach (2 km west)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 18,2 km | Airport 19 km
Beach Type: Tombo beach (coarse sand and depth increases fast)
Curling: High (from medium to large waves)
Sand range: Media (between 10 m and 20 m) and Long (above 20 m)
Beach Length: 1,2 km
water temperature: Fria
Also find: surf, free fly, trail, 'foot-in-the-sand' restaurants

Location Praia Mole - Florianópolis

Lots of surfing. Flirt. I shake. Sport. This is the spirit that seems to envelop the soft beach and its regulars, in Florianópolis. A place for fun, athletic bodies, healthy generation and young people. Paragliders use the slopes as a take-off ramp. The left side, towards the north coast and the Galheta Beach, is considered the point of the LGBT flirt. Carnival is also famous, with parties going on non-stop.

There are bars all along the waterfront; some have live music. The best thing is that you don't even need to be on the bar premises to enjoy the sound of the band or DJ, right there with your feet in the sand you can listen and even order from the menu. In summer, a natural juice, a bowl of açaí or a very cold beer relieves the heat of the sun. In winter, it's nice to walk and enjoy the beach, on days when the south wind doesn't hit. Surfing is perfect all year round.

soft beach

Praia Mole is considered one of the most most dangerous, receiving many instances of entrainment and drowning. Due to the danger of the beach, one of the best equipped lifeguard stations on the island was installed.

Due to its natural characteristics, Mole, as well as Joaquina Beach, is used as a venue for surfing championship stages and other water sports, such as kitesurfing, and air sports, such as free flight. Families who intend to enjoy the beach with children should be extra careful. In addition to the strong waves caused by the open sea, the Mole has toppling characteristics, that is, the depth increases abruptly after a few steps towards the sea.

Being on the edge of Highway SC-406, it is more complicated to receive tourist buses. To get to the beach it is necessary to walk along a small trail. Parking lots are on nearby land, usually in the middle of trees, and are charged.


Natural Features of Praia Mole

The beach is 960m long, starting at the north coast of Ponta do Gravatá and ending at Ponta do Meio. The sand strip has an average width of 10 to 75m. The sand is soft and coarse-grained. The water is crystal clear, cold and clear. The entire beach is surrounded by undergrowth with small bushes.

Praia Mole and Praia da Galheta (background)

The sea is strong, angry and treacherous. Open to the Atlantic Ocean, the beach has a tumble, that is, right after the sweeping zone, the depth can increase abruptly. This happens because the relief of the background has a great slope.

The waves are strong and long, predominantly of the diving type (crate), and can take bathers into the sea or to the bottom; even in the shallow end. A little before and during high tide (new and full moons), you can clearly see the fountain, another peculiarity of this type of beach and which also makes bathing in the sea very dangerous.


History of Praia Mole

The former Praia do Retiro da Lagoa or Praia Molle is today one of the most preserved beaches on the East Coast. Walking along its sands, it is not difficult to imagine the origin of the name. When stepping, the foot sinks, 'almost' like quicksand. Fishermen call it “soft ground”. Hence the name of the beach.

Until the 80s, Praia Mole was deserted, frequented only by a few surfers in search of high waves. A hotel complex installed on the site began to move the beach touristy. Making it a point for young people looking to party and flirt.

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