Exhibition “Aluminata Art: Photographs from the Mini World” by Shiras Moose, at the Shopping Itaguaçu art gallery

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Visual artist Shiras Moose presents, until February 12th at Galeria Itaguaçu + Arte, in Shopping Itaguaçu, the exhibition “Arte Aluminata: Fotografias do Mini Mundo”. The native of Mato Grosso, graduated in Biology, channels her passion for science and oneirism in her canvases, creating a dialogue between ancestral dreams and technological innovation, through the play between natural light, which leaves the works “alive”, and under the neon light, which shines through darkness, providing a unique sensory experience. The collection invites the viewer on a journey of self-knowledge and discovery, where each item is a portal to a meditative state, awakening the sublime that lies at the heart of each person's sleep and dreams.

The exhibition is made up of 16 paintings and 2 models that, meticulously selected by curator Márcio Fontoura, is like a visual odyssey that moves between the real and the imaginary. The exhibition seeks not only to visually enchant, but also to instigate reflection on the role of the unconscious in our lives, the importance of introspection and the value of ancestral knowledge. Shiras Moose invites us to slow down, reconnect with nature and ourselves, cultivate sleep hygiene, and revel in the creative silence that comes when we step away from the incessant demands of the modern world.

“Aluminata Art: Photographs from the Mini World” is a manifestation of light, dreams and innovation, a miscellany of imaginary revelations from the past, present and future, materialized in the dimension of the possible: the memory of the sensation of a dream. Her works are the result of the artist's ability to manipulate photons and electrons to reveal the visions of her unconscious. The technique employs acrylic on canvas with luminescent elements that transform each piece into a window into illuminated dreamlike dimensions.

The Itaguaçu + Arte Project honors and promotes local artists, always curated by Chris Ribeiro, in each monthly exhibition. The exhibition features exclusive works and is open for viewing until February 12th, on Floor L2, with free entry. For more information, check out the mall's social media.

  Start: 17/01/2024 10:00

  End: 12/02/2024 22:00


Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 22pm; on Sundays from 12 to 20 pm.


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