General Information About the city of Florianópolis

In addition to the natural beauties, Florianópolis is the result of centuries of a history marked by the encounters of different peoples, generations and visions of the world. Such diversity can be easily perceived on a walk through the streets, squares and establishments of the city, where faces and accents mix.

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Florianópolis downtown and mainland neighborhoods seen from Morro da Cruz

If you want to have a brief idea of ​​the formation of this true cultural melting pot, be sure to read about the history of the capital and of your neighborhoods.

the pages of economy e geography also show how these two aspects have always been relevant to the development of Florianópolis. Learn more about city ​​population and find out why she has grown so much in such a short time.

Finally, get to know the Florianopolis anthem, which is more like a poem set to music than the hymns you're probably used to. Its author, Zininho, was truly passionate about the city and managed to convey that feeling in every verse of Racho de Amor à Ilha.