Federal University of Santa Catarina A ufsc is the largest university in Florianópolis, with two campuses: the Reitor João David Ferreira Lima University Campus, in Trinity, which houses almost all courses and services, and the Center for Agricultural Sciences (CCA), in the Itacorubi, where the courses in Agronomy, Food Science and Technology, Aquaculture Engineering and Animal Science are located. In 2014, Ufsc offers 85 courses between shifts and qualifications. The main ones are: Administration, Agronomy, Anthropology, Architecture and Urbanism, Archival Science, Performing Arts, Librarianship, Agrifood Science and Technology, Biological Sciences, Accounting Sciences, Computer Sciences, Economic Sciences, Social Sciences, Cinema, Design, Law, Field, Physical Education, Nursing, Civil Engineering, Food Engineering, Aquaculture Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Materials Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Pharmacy , Philosophy, Physics, Speech Therapy, Geography, Geology, History, Journalism, Letters - German Language, Letters - Spanish Language, Letters - French Language, Letters - English, Letters - Italian Language, Letters - Libras, Letters - Portuguese Language, Letters - Executive Secretariat English, Mathematics, Medicine, Meteorology, Museology, Nutrition, Oceanography, Dentistry, Pedagogist ia, Indigenous Peoples of the South of the Atlantic Forest, Psychology, Chemistry, International Relations, Social Work, Information Systems and Animal Science. Rector João David Ferreira Lima University Campus - Trindade. Phone: (48) 3721-9000. Agricultural Sciences Center - Rod. Admar Gonzaga, 1346. Phone (48) 3721-5404.

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  Estácio estacio-de-sa-guiafloripaThe Estácio de Santa Catarina University Center is the first unit in Santa Catarina of the Estácio de Sá Higher Education Society. This institution has recognized experience in higher education, and maintains the Estácio University, based in Rio de Janeiro. The courses offered in Greater Florianópolis by the institution are: Administration, Systems Analysis and Development, Architecture and Urbanism, Accounting Sciences, Fashion Design, Law, Nursing, Environmental and Sanitary Engineering, Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Management Environmental, Commercial Management, Information Technology Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Hospital Management, Public Management, History, Digital Games, Journalism, Letters - Spanish, Letters - Portuguese, Logistics, Marketing, Mathematics, Real Estate Business, Nutrition , Pedagogy, Management Processes, Psychology, Publicity and Propaganda, Computer Networks, Public Security, Social Work and Information Systems. Highway SC 401, km 01-407 - Itacorubi neighborhood - Florianópolis. Phone (48) 3202-6001. Avenida Leoberto Leal, 431 - Barreiros Neighborhood - São José . Phone (48) 3381-8000. Rua Felipe Schmidt, 390, sSalas 1.204 and 1.206 - Bairro Centro. For more information, visit the institution's website.  
Santa Catarina State University In Florianopolis, the Udesc It has two campuses in different parts of the city. The Itacorubi campus has the Center for Administration and Socio-Economic Sciences (esag), the Arts Center (Ceart) and the Center for Human Sciences and Education (faed). The Coqueiros campus houses the Center for Health and Sport Sciences (Cephid). Udesc has six more campuses spread across the state. In the capital alone, the University offers about a thousand places a year in undergraduate courses, with two entrance exams per year. The courses are divided by the centers as follows: esag - Business Administration, Public Administration and Economic Sciences; Ceart- Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Music (piano, guitar, violin or viola, cello), Theater and one of the few Fashion Design courses in Brazil. Cephid - Physical Education and Physiotherapy. faed - Librarianship, Geography, History and Pedagogy. Esag - Av. Mother Benvenuta, 2037 - Itacorubi. Phones: (48) 3321-8200. Ceart - Av. Mother Benvenuta, 2037 - Itacorubi. Phone: (48) 3321-8300. Faed - Av. Mother Benvenuta, 2037 - Itacorubi. Phone: (48) 3321-8500. Cefid - Rua Pascoal Simone, 358 - Coqueiros. Phone: (48) 3321-8600. For more information, visit the institution's website.
Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Santa Catarina O Federal Institute of Santa Catarina is a special regime autarchy linked to the Ministry of Education, as well as a public school whose purpose is to train and qualify professionals at various levels and modalities of education. The Federal Center for Technological Education of Santa Catarina underwent a reform that imposed the separation of Technical Education from Propaedeutic Education. Secondary education became part of basic education and vocational education was separated from secondary education, being complementary and no longer a stage of secondary education. Admission to the IFSC is done through classification exams and entrance exams. The courses offered by the institution are: High School, which comprises the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of high school. Integrated Technical Education in Buildings, Electromechanics, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Chemistry, Sanitation and Nursing. Subsequent Technical Education in Surveying, Buildings, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Events, Gastronomy, Tourism Guide, Lodging, IT, Automotive Maintenance, Industrial Mechanics, Environment, Meteorology, Bakery and Confectionery, Sanitation and Occupational Safety. Technological degree in Building Construction, Product Design, Gastronomy, Information Technology Management, Hospitality, Industrial Mechatronics, Radiology, Electronic Systems and Power Systems. Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering. Florianópolis Campus - Av. Mauro Ramos, 950 - Centro. Phone: (48) 3221-0506. Campus Florianópolis - Continente. Rua 14 de Julho, 150 - Coconut trees. Phone: (48) 3877-8419. For more information, visit the institution's website.   San Jose Municipal University Center USJ was created in 2005 and is the first municipal university center in the country. The University offers four undergraduate courses: Pedagogy, Business Administration, Accounting Sciences, Religious Sciences and Systems Analysis and Development. To enter the institution, competitors go through an entrance exam in which 70% of the vacancies are reserved for students from public schools in the municipality of São José. Rua Silvia Maria Fabro, 97 - Kobrasol - São José. Telephones: (48) 3259-1945 and (48) 3259-5604. For more information, visit the institution's website.   Center for Technology in Automation and Informatics Senai Florianópolis is the pioneer in technological courses in Santa Catarina. It offers technical courses in Industrial Automation, Information Technology, Internet Information Technology and Computer Maintenance and Support. Florianópolis Unit - Highway SC 401, 3730 - Big bag. Phone: (48) 3239-5800. For more information, visit the institution's website.
Unica was founded in 1998 and since 2003 its sponsor is Sociesc, which has been working in education for over 50 years. Located in Itacorubi, it offers a degree in Business Administration in partnership with Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in addition to courses in Accounting, Civil Engineering and Production Engineering. Rua Salvatina Feliciana dos Santos, 525 - Itacorubi. Phone: (48) 3239-4700. For more information, visit the institution's website.   Higher Education Institute of Greater Florianópolis The Greater Florianópolis Higher Education Institute offers traditional higher education courses in Administration, Computer Science, Accounting Sciences, Advertising, Law, Physical Education, Production Engineering, Civil Engineering, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Pedagogy, Social Service and Tourism. There are also shorter technological courses in Foreign Trade, Business Communication, Digital Communication and Illustration, Graphic Design, Management of Sports Ventures, Event Management, Hospital Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology Management, Tourism, Marketing, Multimedia, Management Processes, Multimedia Production and Computer Networks. Unit I- Avenida Salvador di Bernardi, 503 - Campinas - São José. Phone: (48) 3878-2000. Unit II - Rua Célio Veiga, 220 - Jardim Cidade de Florianópolis - São José. (48) 3878-5000. Unit III - Rua João S. Ouriques, 825 - Kobrasol - São José. (48) 3257-2525. For more information, visit the institution's website.   Cesusc At the Santo Antônio de Lisboa campus, in Florianópolis, Cesusc offers eight undergraduate courses: Administration, Law, Psychology and Marketing, in addition to technological courses in Systems Analysis and Development, Database, Interior Design and Technology Management in Information. The institution also offers postgraduate courses in the areas of Administration (International Executive MBA in Business Management, Environmental Licensing, Strategic Management of Services and Retail, Strategic Marketing Management, Luxury Management - Fashion, Consumption, Industry and Media , Management and Public Policies, MBA Strategic Management of Human Resources and Human Rights and Public Policies), Law (Environmental Law and Management, Public Law, Labor Law and Procedure, Civil Procedural Law - New CPC Emphasis, Social Security Law, Criminal Sciences, Sexual Diversity - Aspects of Public and Private Law, Corporate and Business Law and Tax Law and Process), Psychology (Mental Health and Psychosocial Care and Psychology of Sport and Exercise). The Colégio Cruz e Souza also operates on the premises of the institution, with elementary school classes and technical courses. SC 401 Highway, km 10 - Saint Anthony of Lisbon. Florianopolis. Phone: (48) 3239-2600.
  Faculty Decision Faculdade Decision offers an undergraduate course in Business Administration and a postgraduate course in Financial Management. There is a loyalty plan for academics and discounts for freshmen of the undergraduate course who enroll in advance. Evil Street. Guilherme, 65 - Centro - Telephone: (48) 3039-1888.   Energy Faculty of Administration and Business The Faculdade Energia de Administração e Negócios offers courses in Administration, Accounting Sciences, Graphic Design and Information Systems, as well as a postgraduate degree in Digital Business and in Social Management and Public Policy. Santos Dumont Street, 36 - Downtown. Phone: (48) 2107-5899. Rua Saldanha Marinho, 51 - Centro. Phone: (48) 2107-5899. For more information, visit the institution's website.   Borges de Mendonca Colleges The Borges de Mendonça Colleges offer undergraduate courses in Administration and Accounting and sequential courses of higher level, with a duration of 01 year, in the modalities of Strategic People Management, Business Management and Consulting, Strategic Management in Health, Financial Management and Controllership, Tax Law, Hearing and Accounting Expertise and Accounting and Labor Law. Rua Santos Dumont, 104 - Downtown. Phone: (48) 3229-2500.  
  Anhanguera College - Uniban  Uniban Santa Catarina College offers 09 undergraduate courses: Administration, Law, Nursing, Production Engineering, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Pedagogy, Psychology, Advertising and Public Relations, in addition to the technological course in Private Security Management. Rua Luiz Fagundes, 1680 - Picadas do Sul - São José. Phone: (48) 3357-9000. For more information, visit the institution's website.   University of Southern Santa Catarina - Unisul A unisul It has three campuses: Tubarão, Araranguá and Grande Florianópolis. There is also UnisulVirtual, which offers distance learning courses. The University has units in Imbituba, Braço do Norte, Içara, São José and Florianópolis. The courses offered at the Pedra Branca campus, Grande Florianópolis, are Administration, Systems Analysis and Development, Architecture and Urbanism, Cinema and Audiovisual, Computer Science, Accounting Sciences, Cosmetology and Aesthetics, Design, Fashion Design, Law, Physical Education , Nursing, Environmental and Sanitary Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Production Engineering, Physiotherapy, Gastronomy, Financial Management, Journalism, Medicine, Naturology, Nutrition, Dentistry, Psychology, Advertising, International Relations, Social Work and Information Systems . The courses offered in the capital are: Administration, Systems Analysis and Development, Architecture and Urbanism, Computer Science, Design, Fashion Design, Law, Management Processes, Psychology, International Relations and Information Systems. Campus Pedra Branca - Avenida Pedra Branca, 25 - Palhoça. Telephone: 0800 970 7000. Florianópolis I Unit - Rua Trajano, 219 - Centro. Telephone: 0800 970 7000. Florianópolis II Unit - Rua Antônio Dib Mussi, 366 - Downtown. Telephone: 0800 970 7000. The Floripa Guide has prepared a Unisul roadmap with location, food, leisure, accommodation and utilities   University of Vale do Itajai Univali has nine campuses in the state: the headquarters in Itajaí, Balneário Camboriú, Balneário Piçarras, two in Biguaçu, two in São José, Florianópolis and Tijucas. The Biguaçu campuses offer courses in Administration, Accounting Sciences, Law, Physical Education and Pedagogy. The São José campuses offer courses in Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Pedagogy. The Florianópolis campus offers courses in Architecture and Urbanism, Interior Design, Game Design and Digital Entertainment, Graphic Design, Aesthetics and Cosmetics, Photography, Pedagogy and Advertising Production. Campus Jardim Carandaí - Rua Patrício Antonio Teixeira, 317 - Carandaí - Biguaçu. Phone: (48) 3279-9500. Campus Centro - Rua João Coan, 400 - Centro - Biguaçu. Phone: (48) 3279-9728. Campus Sertão do Maruim - Avenida Celso Joaquim, 2 - Sertão do Maruim - São José. Phone (48) 3281-1500. Kobrasol Campus - Highway BR-101, km 207 - Kobrasol - São José. Phone (48) 3311-2018. Campus Florianópolis - Rodovia SC-401, 5.025 - Business Decor - Saco Grande. Phone (48) 3332-2501. For more information, visit the institution's website.   Senac Florianopolis College Technological courses are widely accepted as they are medium-term courses (from two years to two and a half years) and are focused on what is really required by the job market. They allow, after completion, the student to take public exams that require higher education or continue with an academic career, investing in postgraduate courses, masters, etc. Faculdade Senac offers two annual selection processes for technicians in Systems Analysis and Development; Fashion design; Aesthetics and Cosmetics; Management of Information Technology and Management of Human Resources and Management Processes. The college also offers in-person and distance postgraduate courses. Rua Silva Jardim, 360 - Centro. Phone: (48) 3229-3200.