For many people, windsurfing is synonymous with a calm sport, typical of summer, ideal for those who prefer less extreme adventures. But if we get to know the sport more deeply, we will see that it can be as radical as surfing. Just choose the right board, the ideal wind and a beach that allows you to sail on the waves. Then just add a little skill and skill and the adrenaline goes to a thousand.

Like other seasonal sports, windsurfing also had its best phase. And that happened in the 80s, right after Rede Globo presented the soap opera "Água Viva", which showed, in the opening vignette, boards from one side to the other crossing the ocean. They were very large boards, used for regattas, which began to have great demand in the country, and consequently in Santa Catarina.

In the late 80s and early 90s, however, windsurfing underwent a transition period here in the state. The old regatta boards began to be outdated and the few sailors that remained did not make the effort to go forward. It was when the current boards began to appear, the funboard.



Funboards are divided into: course racing, course slalon, slalon and wave.

course racing - they are big boards, with a daggerboard (goes more against the wind), big sails and old design. There is a specific type of course racing that is the Olympic board, category one design, where all competitors have the same board, the same sail, the same mast, in short, everything the same, that is, the best athlete wins in the Olympics.

course slalonslalon - All the state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacture of the equipment is put to the test in the slalom, therefore, in a competition, it does not depend so much on the athlete to win the race, but mainly on the equipment used. The boards have medium and small sizes and are very fast, reaching a speed of 80 km per hour. the route of course slalon is similar to the course racing. The competition dispute is held in various conditions: downwind, against, sideways...; already in slalom the competitor must go around the buoys downwind, reaching the maximum speed possible.

Many beginners start sailing with a model of slalom calledgiant slalon, because the board is bigger, which provides good flotation and better balance.

Wave - is divided into jumps, maneuvers and surfing the waves. They are very small boards, suitable for more experienced sailors.


As you may have seen above, there are differences between the shape of boards and sails. In slalon athletes usually use as much board as possible and as little sail as possible to get the least friction in the water. I already sail on the waves (wave), the smaller the material, the better. The important thing in this modality is to have strength and agility to pass the waves, break them, performing great maneuvers.

where to sail

Santa Catarina is one of the most privileged places for windsurfing in Brazil. Specifically Florianópolis is extremely privileged, with great beaches, lagoons, strong wind and ideal for sailing. The athlete Márvio Reis says that the best options for those who sail with course racing ou slalomare Conceição LagoonJurerêPonta das CanasCanasvieiras, which offer a calm sea. "At east beaches are also great when the waves aren't too big", he reveals. wave, with south wind, the ideal are the beaches of CampecheMozambique, which have good waves. Now if the wind is north or northeast it indicates the beaches of Joaquina and Mole.



But before falling into this marzão, it's good to pay attention to some details: "The stronger the wind, the smaller the board must be and consequently the sail" highlights Márvio. These characteristics fit like a glove for sailing wave, as you need to work with a small board for ease of maneuvering. For him, Ibiraquera beach, on the south coast, is ideal for practicing this sport. "It has a very strong and very clean wind, and a big and perfect swell, with a very flat sandy bottom. The wind direction is also perfect." Now for sailing course racing, there is no need for the wind to be strong. "It's just windy," she says. Now if the intention is to sail slalon, recommend a moderate to strong wind.

According to the athlete and school principal windcenter, - Eduardo Schultz, Florianópolis has two trends, which is south and northeast wind. The northeast wind prevails a lot in spring, always interrupted by cold fronts that form the south wind. Therefore, Santa Catarina Island is characterized as one of the best places in Brazil to sail, especially between August and December. In autumn and winter there is a westerly wind, which is a colder wind, coming from the Andes Mountains. Although this is the worst time to sail here, Florianópolis offers good conditions all year round. For beginners, Schultz gives a tip: "The ideal wind is perpendicular to the beach you are practicing".

Used equipments

Sail, mast, extension, boom, mast foot, trapeze, board, wetsuit.

Windsurfing in Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is getting very well structured for windsurfing. There is a group of sailors who, in addition to being outstanding in the championships, are investing a lot in the sport here. Eduardo Schultz says that the sport started to take off here in the state around 1985, the year that Windcenter was created. "We had an average of 2 athletes and today we have 15. In addition, there is a project that we are developing with the ABPV (Brazilian Association of Professional Sailors), which is the Cone Sul championship. This championship should integrate Santa Catarina even more with the countries neighbors, mainly considering that Florianópolis is considered the Capital of Mercosur".