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Florianopolis Beach Guide
Beaches in Florianópolis - Praia da Daniela
Daniela's Beach

The main Florianopolis beaches, on Santa Catarina Island, are distributed in the regions north, nimble e on from the island. From large, well-structured resorts to isolated deserted beaches, all of them are very popular with tourists.

Map of Regions and Beaches of Florianópolis
Map of the Regions of Florianópolis

There are also beaches in Florianópolis located in downtown area - neighborhood of Florianopolis downtown and surroundings - and in continental region, off the island. However, due to the proximity to the center, beaches are recommended only to enjoy the view, without bathing in the sea.

See below all about tourist beaches in Florianopolis.

Northern Region
North Region Neighborhoods - Location Map
Florianópolis Beaches - Hotel in the Ingleses
Praia dos Ingleses - North of Florianópolis

North Island beaches - The beaches in the north of the island are the most developed in terms of infrastructure, with many hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, among other tourist services. Much sought after by Mercosur tourists and families looking for warm and calm waters. See here for more information about the beaches in the north of the island..

Florianópolis Beaches - North of the Island
North Island beaches
  1. Bom Jesus waterfall
  2. cacupé
  3. Canasvieiras
  4. Daniela
  5. English
  6. Jurerê International
  7. Traditional Jurerê
  8. Lagoinha
  9. Ponta das Canas
  10. Brava Beach
  11. Forte beach
  12. Santinho beach
  13. sambaqui
  14. Saint Anthony of Lisbon


eastern region
Beaches on the East of the Island - Florianópolis
Floripa Beaches - Praia Mole
Praia Mole - East of Florianopolis

Beaches on the East of the Island - The beaches located in the east of the island start with a postcard, Lagoa da Conceição, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country and a mandatory stop for anyone visiting Florianópolis. See here for more information about the beaches on the east of the island..

Florianópolis Beaches - East of the Island
Beaches on the East of the Island
  1. Barra da Lagoa
  2. Galheta Beach
  3. Conceição Lagoon
  4. Joaquina Beach
  5. Gravatá Beach
  6. Mozambique beach
  7. soft beach
  8. Praia da Barra da Lagoa


Accommodation Florianópolis - South Region
South Beach of Florianopolis Island
Video of Floripa - Praia da Armação
Armação Beach - South of Florianópolis

South Island beaches - It is on the beaches located in the southern part of the island that we find the rustic aspect of fishermen's life, as well as true paradises of nature and landmarks of our colonial history, such as Ribeirão da Ilha, one of the first communities in the state. In this region are also located the favorite beaches of surfers. See here for more information about the beaches in the south of the island..

Florianópolis Beaches - South of the Island
South Island beaches
  1. Lagoinha do Leste Beach
  2. Morro das Pedras beach
  3. Pantano do Sul beach
  4. Azores beach
  5. Armacao Beach
  6. Solitude Beach
  7. Campeche beach
  8. Saquinho Beach
  9. Matadeiro Beach
  10. Shipwrecked Beach
  11. Ribeirao da Ilha
  12. Taper
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Accommodation on the beaches of Florianópolis

Consult hotels, inns and several other lodging establishments located in the neighborhoods and beaches of Florianópolis.

Videos of Florianopolis Beaches

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