Travel through the culture of Florianópolis.

Discover the stories of the magical universe of Franklin Cascaes, writer from Santa Catarina who contributed and played an important role in expanding the folklore and island culture for the entire state. Due to its importance, Florianópolis became known as the Magic Island, a nickname that is still used today.

Franklin Cascaes
Franklin Cascaes painting in downtown Florianópolis

In addition, follow the day to day of Florianópolis the tradition of handicraft Azorean, which can be appreciated through the braids of network, bobbin lace and tramoias, weaving tapestries and making baskets and cages, as well as in the various fairs and fairs that exhibit the work of these artists from Santa Catarina all over the city.

Santa Catarina artisans

visit the museums da Ilha and rescue the memory of the city, the customs, and the history of the people of Santa Catarina. take a tour of historical Center of the city and note that in some buildings the architectural heritage of the colonizers is still present. As well as the dances and merriment, examples of the Azorean tradition that remain through the ribbon stick dance. papaya ox, suit of kings, among others.

Santa Catarina Historical Museum
Santa Catarina Historical Museum

Therefore, Ilha da Magia, known for the charm of its beaches, climate and natural beauty, can also be appreciated for its rich culture. The people of Azorean roots have many stories to tell, and cultural and historical representations are scattered throughout the city. Cherish them without moderation.