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Lagoa da Conceição - Florianópolis Beach

Centro da Lagoa da Conceição - Lagoas de Florianópolis - Lagoa da Conceição
Lagoa da Conceição downtown

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Região: east of the island
Subdivision: Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood
Nearby beaches: Joaquina Beach (2,5 km south) | soft beach (2 km east) | Gravatá Beach (1 km east + 1,2 km middle trail)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 16 km | Airport 15 km
Beach Type: shallow beach (fine sand and depth slowly increases)
Curling: Calm (no waves)
Sand range: Narrow (up to 10 m)
Beach Length: 2 km
water temperature: Moderate
Also find: boat ride, water sports, dunes, trail, free fly, fishing, 'foot-in-the-sand' restaurants, gastronomic route, colonial architecture, Night life

Location of Lagoa da Conceição - Florianópolis

A Conceição Lagoon, located in the geographic center of Santa Catarina Island, is one of the main tourist attractions in Floripa. she gathers beaches, dunes, mountains and the largest lagoon in Florianópolis.

With an important past, it was the first 'parish' of the city - term used by the Portuguese colonizers to designate small administrative villages -, founded next to the place that still today is one of the most traditional, the center of Lagoa da Conceição. Some buildings from the colonial period are still preserved in the place, such as the Lagoon Church.

With so much diversity, the place has become the best-known natural tourist spot in the city. Multiple activities of different natures are present in the Lagoa. Water sports invade its waters. Picnics, hiking, pedal boat rides, stand ups, schooners and kayaks are also part of the scenario.

Culture, art, music, gastronomy, sports... All brought together by Lagoa, which is divided into small towns such as Centrinho (former Parish), Corner of the Lagoon, Canto dos Araçás, Sertão Grande, Ponta Grossa, Ponta das Almas, Caieira, Costa da Lagoa, Porto da Lagoa, Morro do Badejo and Retiro da Lagoa.

Lagoa da Conceição beach
Conceição Lagoon

For those who come as a family, the average water temperature of 27ºC during the summer, the shallow depth and the absence of waves and currents make the lagoon a safe and pleasant place for children. However, it is good to keep an eye on bathing reports, especially during peak season.

For those who come in a group and want to party at night, the Lagoon Center it's the right bet. In addition to being an important historical corner, Lagoa da Conceição is one of the main strongholds of Florianópolis nightlife, with several Bars and restaurants.


Natural Features of Lagoa da Conceição

Lagoa da Conceição is a water table with approximately 20,65 square kilometers of water mirror surrounded by large hills and a channel that connects it to the sea. In many places around it, there is only access by boat, and a good part of its banks is still preserved.

Lagoa da Conceição Dunes
Lagoa da Conceição Dunes

History of Lagoa da Conceição

The region of Lagoa da Conceição was inhabited by the Sambaquieiros and later by the Carijós. The vestiges of these populations are the archaeological sites, where arrowheads and sambaquis were found. The lithic workshops, denomination of the places used to produce stone tools, can be seen on the edge of the Lagoa and on the stones of the beaches. joaquina, NecktieCruet. The local culture was strongly influenced by the indigenous heritage through the cultivation of cassava, the use of fibrous plants to make fishing nets and utensils and the garapuvu canoe shape, among others.

Conceição Lagoon
Water sports in Lagoa da Conceição

In the middle of the 1748th century, the Portuguese Court determined that the Island of Santa Catarina be colonized to guarantee its possession. The chosen ones were the inhabitants of the Azores Island, who suffered from earthquakes and overpopulation. They came between 1756 and 1750 and were settled in remote micro-regions, each with its own administration, church and police, called parishes. The Parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Lagoa was the oldest, founded in XNUMX, together with Saint Anthony of Lisbon.


Certainly the most illustrious visit that the place received was in 1845, when the Emperor of the Empire of Brazil, Dom Pedro II, landed in Desterro, the former name of the city of Florianópolis. On that occasion, the emperor donated a silver monstrance to the Lagoon Church. He returned in 1861, giving the chapel another gift: the two bells that are still there.

Little Church of Lagoa da Conceição
Church of Our Lady of Conception

Even with new residents coming from other cities, mainly after 1980, the traditions of the Azorean ancestors, such as the bobbin lace and the folklore, present in the stories of witches, sorceresses, werewolves and boitatás, are still part of the lives of the natives. The Suit of Kings, the Mousetrap, the Singing of the Divine, the Tape Stick and the Papaya Ox are some of the preserved artistic and cultural manifestations. Currently, the Bento Silvério Cultural Center works as the main propagator of these activities, offering several courses during the year.

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