neighborhoods of Florianopolis

Regions and neighborhoods of Florianópolis

Florianopolis is divided into 5 regions, 13 districts e 49 neighborhoods. Most of them occupy the insular portion of the city, that is, the territorial extension of Santa Catarina Island. Only 2,77% of the municipality's territory is in the continental area, which borders the municipality of São José.

The city's regions are: Central, North, East, Sul e Continental .

Neighborhoods of Florianópolis - Map of Regions

Top 13 districts are: Barra da Lagoa, Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Campeche, Canasvieiras, Ingleses do Rio Vermelho, Lagoa da Conceição, Pântano do Sul, Ratones, Ribeirão da Ilha, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, São João do Rio Vermelho, Continental Headquarters district and the Insular Headquarters district.

The districts of Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Canasvieiras, Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Ingleses do Rio Vermelho and Ratones together correspond to the neighborhoods of the North region of the island. The districts of São João do Rio Vermelho, Barra da Lagoa and Lagoa da Conceição concentrate the neighborhoods of the eastern region of the island. The districts of Campeche, Pântano do Sul and Ribeirão da Ilha encompass all the districts in the south of the island.


In this section you learn a little more about the city, the characteristics of each neighborhood, their stories, vocations, particularities, how to get to each one of them, tourist attractions, where to sleep and eat, among other details.

Neighborhoods in the Central Region

The central region of Florianópolis is the historical, political, commercial and cultural landmark of the city. The main and oldest settlement center on the island of Santa Catarina, the central region is the main point of the entire urban fabric... ( See more about the neighborhoods of the Central Region )

Neighborhoods in the Central Region of Florianópolis
Neighborhoods in the Central Region of Florianópolis
  1. agronomic
  2. Centro
  3. Big Stream
  4. Itacorubi
  5. John Paul
  6. Jose Mendes
  7. Monte Verde
  8. Pantanal
  9. Bag of Lemons
  10. Big bag
  11. Santa Monica
  12. Trinity
  13. Bunker

Neighborhoods in the Continental Region

Florianópolis is not just an island! Although most of the city is in an insular area, it has many important points on the other side of the bridge. The mainland region is the only means of access to Santa Catarina Island and one of the most dynamic residential and commercial centers in the city... ( See more about the neighborhoods of the Continental Region )

Neighborhoods in the Continental Region
  1. Balneário
  2. good shelter
  3. capoeiras
  4. Coconut trees
  5. Narrow
  6. itaguaçu
  7. Jardim Atlantico


Eastern Region Neighborhoods

The eastern region of Santa Catarina Island is one of the most beautiful and attractive in the entire city. Famous for its natural attributes, it gathers in one place dunes, hills, beaches and one of the most famous postcards of the city, Lagoa da Conceição. It is formed by the neighborhoods of Lagoa da Conceição, Barra da Lagoa and São João do Rio Vermelho... ( See more about the neighborhoods of the Eastern Region )

Neighborhoods in the Eastern Region of Florianópolis
  1. Conceição Lagoon
  2. Barra da Lagoa
  3. Sao Joao do Rio Vermelho

North Region Neighborhoods

The northern region is the most populated during high season, as it has excellent infrastructure in terms of services and offers tourist attractions for all tastes, such as diving, hiking, schooner rides, banana boats, kayak and dune rentals. The beaches, with their warm and calm waters, are the favorites of bathers... ( See more about the neighborhoods of the North Region )

Neighborhoods in the North Region of Florianópolis
  1. Bom Jesus waterfall
  2. cacupé
  3. Canasvieiras
  4. Daniela
  5. English from Rio Vermelho
  6. Jurerê International
  7. Traditional Jurerê
  8. Ponta das Canas
  9. Brava Beach
  10. sambaqui
  11. Saint Anthony of Lisbon

Neighborhoods in the Southern Region

The south of Florianópolis is considered the region with the most preserved nature in the city. The southwestern portion of Santa Catarina Island preserves the city's Azorean roots. In addition to the architecture of colonial Brazil, the parish of Ribeirão da Ilha has a gastronomic corridor based on oysters and shellfish. The southeastern portion, on the other hand, draws attention for its trails surrounded by Atlantic forest and beaches with medium waves, ideal for surfing... ( See more about the neighborhoods of the South Region )

Neighborhoods in the South Region of Florianópolis
  1. South Swamp Frame
  2. Campeche
  3. Carians
  4. Coastal Pirajubaé
  5. south swamp
  6. Ribeirao da Ilha
  7. Tavares River
  8. Taper
Where sleep

Accommodation in the neighborhoods and beaches of Florianópolis

Consult hotels, inns and several other lodging establishments located in the neighborhoods and beaches of Florianópolis.