Itaguaçu - Florianópolis neighborhood
Itaguaçu Beach
Itaguaçu Beach

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Região: Continental Region of Florianopolis
Close quarters: good fight (1 km) | Coconut trees (2 km) | Centro (5 km)
Nearby beaches: Campeche beach (18,5 km south) | Praia do Cacupe (19,5 km north) | Conceição Lagoon (20 km east)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 5 km | Airport 20 km
Also find: gastronomic route, promenade by the sea

O Itaguaçu neighborhood is located in the continental region of Florianópolis, between the neighborhoods Coconut trees e good shelter, 5 km from the center da city.

Predominantly residential, Itaguaçu is one of the mainland neighborhoods of Florianópolis that tourists are practically unaware of. Considered a prime area of ​​the city, its streets are wide and tree-lined.

The main roads that cross the neighborhood are João Meireles and Desembargador Pedro Silva streets, which together cross the region in an east-west direction. Itaguaçu can be divided into two parts: high and low. The upper part of Itaguaçu is residential, with large lots and houses with bold architecture. The lower part, older and closer to the sea, is home to some commercial establishments, mostly restaurants.

Itaguaçu neighborhood
Itaguaçu Neighborhood - João Meireles Street with the South Bay in the background

Currently, Itaguaçu has a fixed population of just over 2.100 inhabitants.

The neighborhood has few green areas or public squares. Its biggest attraction remains its coastline, the beaches of Itaguaçu and Palmeiras.

Itaguaçu waterfront
Itaguaçu waterfront

However, the visitor can find many culture over there. The former residence of Hiedy de Assis Correa, artist popularly known as Hassis, was transformed into museum (Hassi Museum) and today it houses the artist's collection. The place often opens its doors for exhibitions, workshops, seminars and events related to the world of the arts.


Itaguaçu neighborhood stones
Itaguaçu stones

The name of the Itaguaçu neighborhood comes from the Tupi-Guarani, where “ita” means “stone” and “guaçu” means “big”. This designation is a clear reference to the rock formations present in the South Bay and that, according to the legends that circulate in the locality, would be petrified witches. Some of the older residents also believe that these stones move, as popular stories indicate that they change places on stormy nights.


Little is known about the history of Itaguaçu before the XNUMXth century. What can be said with certainty is that the neighborhood belonged to the city of São José and that it was founded by Azoreans or their descendants, since some of the popular manifestations characteristic of the inhabitants of the Portuguese archipelago are present in the area. Another well-known point of this story is that the residents lived, basically, from agriculture and fishery.

Itaguaçu Beach - Florianópolis
Itaguaçu Beach

In the 1940s, a survey was published that pointed out Florianópolis as one of the three smallest Brazilian capitals. This worried the local authorities, who decided to form a commission to review the territory of Santa Catarina Thus, in 1944, the decree annexing the Narrow, capoeiras, Abraham, Coconut trees and Itaguaçu to the capital, separating them from São José.

Over the next twenty years, Itaguaçu beach was popular with Florianópolis residents, especially members of some of the city's wealthiest families. However, the beaches on the mainland were already compromised by pollution and, in addition, investments in the urban fabric of the capital facilitated access to the seaside resorts. north of the island.


The construction of Ponte Colombo Salles meant that companies linked to the real estate sector continued to pay some attention to the mainland portion of Florianópolis, especially in the neighborhoods of Itaguaçu, Coqueiros and good shelter. There was then a strong process of urban transformation, in which fishermen's ranches left the scene and residential subdivisions aimed at the upper class population entered.

Location of the Itaguaçu neighborhood
Location of the Itaguaçu neighborhood

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