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Região: Central Region of the Island
Close quarters: Itacorubi (3,3 km) | Monte Verde (3,4 km) | Big bag (4,8 km)
Nearby beaches: Lagoa da Conceição beach (10 km east) | soft beach (12,4 km east) | Joaquina Beach (13,4 km east) | Cacupe beach (8,3 km north) | Saint Anthony of Lisbon (11 km north) | Sambaqui Beach (13 km north)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 9,5 km | Airport 20 km

The João Paulo neighborhood is located close to the border between Central region and the north of Santa Catarina Island, between the sea and the neighborhoods of Itacorubi, Big bag e Monte Verde. It is a predominantly residential area, with high-end residential buildings and condominiums.

The proximity to the sea and the fact that the neighborhood is separated from the SC-401 Highway, the main access to the north of the island, by a green and beautiful hill, makes it stay away from the intense movement and remains a calm and very peaceful place. pleasant.

The street that cuts through the neighborhood, also called João Paulo, concentrates much of the local commerce, where you can find the basics needed by the residents of the region, such as markets, bakeries, pharmacies, clothing stores and beauty salons.

Neighborhood Joao Paulo - Florianopolis
João Paulo neighborhood

Saco Grande beach, which bathes part of the extension of the neighborhood, is not famous and has never been a reference among locals and tourists, but it offers a privileged view of the surroundings of the North Bay. In fact, the only hotel in the region, Maria do Mar, takes advantage of the landscape and offers both apartments and spaces for holding events overlooking the waterfront. North Sea.

The nightlife options in João Paulo are few. In the neighborhood there is only one space, the Showcase cell, with concerts by local and national bands. The neighborhood's relationship with the city's music scene is very old, as two of the most famous bands in Santa Catarina, dazaranha e tijuquera, were born in João Paulo.

History of the João Paulo Neighborhood

There are two main hypotheses regarding the origin of the name of the João Paulo neighborhood. One of them is that it honors Pope John Paul II - coincidentally, the leader of the Catholic Church during the period when the João Paulo neighborhood was most developed. The other is that João Paulo was one of the first residents of the locality, being, therefore, the real honoree.


In any case, the history of the neighborhood is closely related to the stories of its neighbors, the neighborhoods of Saco Grande and Monte Verde. For a long time, the area that today corresponds to the three neighborhoods was known only as Saco Grande. Its settlement began with the arrival of families of Azorean descent, whose livelihood came from cultivating the land, raising animals and, in the part that is now known as João Paulo, from fishery.

João Paulo Neighborhood - João Paulo Highway
joao paulo street

With the construction of the SC-401 Highway, in the 1970s, Saco Grande was divided in two, and the portion that is now known as João Paulo became known as Saco Grande I. However, the construction of the highway changed much more than names: because of her, the northern region of Santa Catarina Island developed, new residents settled and a strong process of real estate speculation began in the region.

Location of Neighborhood John Paul
Location of Neighborhood John Paul

From the 1990s onwards, this speculation reached João Paulo and the neighborhood's profile was significantly altered with the construction of high-end buildings and condominiums, including on the slopes of the hills. In 1999, the city hall of Florianópolis enacted a law with the objective of creating, delimiting or renaming some of the city's neighborhoods; That's when the neighborhood stopped being Saco Grande I to be officially recognized as João Paulo.

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