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Região: Central Region of the Island
Close quarters: John Paul (3,4 km) | Big bag (2 km)
Nearby beaches: Cacupe beach (5,1 km north) | Saint Anthony of Lisbon (8 km north) | Sambaqui Beach (9,3 km north) | Lagoa da Conceição beach (11,5 km east) | soft beach (14,5 km east) | Joaquina Beach (15,3 km east)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 10,5 km | Airport 22 km
Also find: Shopping, trail

Monte Verde Neighborhood - Location on the Map

The Monte Verde neighborhood, in Florianópolis, is located in the north-central region of Santa Catarina Island, between the hill of Lagoa da Conceição coast and the neighborhoods Big bag e John Paul.

It is a small and predominantly residential area, which is why tourism and leisure options are limited.

In front of Rua Almíscar - the main access road to Monte Verde - is the floripa mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the city. The establishment has more than a hundred stores, a food court, a supermarket, movie theaters and space for cultural attractions.

Monte Verde Neighborhood - Square
Monte Verde neighborhood

On Rua Almíscar itself, there is one of the stores of the Bistek supermarket chain. Just ahead, on Rua Timbaúba, there is a small commercial building with stores, pet shop, pharmacy, dental office and one of the oldest pizzerias in Florianópolis, Beliskê.

In terms of attractions linked to nature, the neighborhood is well served: there is a trail that connects Monte Verde to the Lagoon coast and also a waterfall. The trail begins at Serdão Olga Lacerda and offers a privileged view of the city, especially the North Bay and the Conceição Lagoon.

The concern with the preservation of Monte Verde's natural assets gave rise to the Pro-Ecological Cultural Club (CCPEI), whose main objective is to make the local community aware of the importance of a sustainable way of life. The entity promotes several activities related to this theme, such as lectures, meetings and meetings.


The history of Monte Verde is directly linked to the stories of its neighboring neighborhoods, Saco Grande and João Paulo. The region that runs from the clover Itacorubi until the cacupé it was known only as Saco Grande and was inhabited, in large part, by descendants of Azoreans who lived on large farms and carried out activities linked to the land, such as agriculture and animal husbandry.


This situation began to change in the 1970s, when Florianópolis, driven by the favorable national conjuncture, underwent significant urban growth. The area of ​​civil construction, one of the main responsible for the economic miracle that occurred during the military regime, turned out to be the most important economic activity in the city.

In 1979, the state government enacted a law that dealt with the implementation of the National Plan for Popular Housing (Planhap) in Santa Catarina and whose main objective was to reduce the housing deficit. At the end of 1980, the population was given the first housing project in Florianópolis, then called Monte Verde. The complex had 400 houses, a school, a community center, a supermarket and a commercial building.

Six years later, a second housing complex was opened in the region: Parque da Figueira. The new influx of residents significantly increased the population of Saco Grande, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the city of Florianópolis. It was for this reason that the neighborhood was divided into three smaller locations, the smallest of which ended up taking the name of the first housing complex to be installed there.

Monte Verde Neighborhood - Floripa Shopping
Floripa Shopping - SC-401 - Path to the north of the Island

Recently, with the change of the Administrative Center of the State Government and the opening of Floripa Shopping in Saco Grande, intense real estate speculation has also reached Monte Verde. Little by little, the landscape changes and the housing complexes begin to share the landscape with sophisticated condominiums and large stores in the decoration sector.

Location of the Monte Verde neighborhood
Location of the Monte Verde neighborhood

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