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Região: south of the island
Close quarters: Tavares River (4 km) | South Swamp Frame (8,5 km)
Nearby beaches: Campeche beach | Joaquina Beach (north)| Morro das Pedras beach (south)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 14 km | Airport 8 km
Also find: boat ride, surf, dunes, fishery, trail, lagoons, fishing

Location of Praia do Campeche - Florianópolis

The Campeche neighborhood is located in the south of Santa Catarina Island, between the neighborhoods South Swamp FrameTavares River. Currently, it is one of the regions of the city with the greatest growth potential, in terms of urban expansion, as it is located in the largest plain on the island.

Despite having one of the few communities where artisanal fishing is still practiced, Campeche has been losing its rustic and beachy air and becoming a mixed neighborhood, with commerce, services, schools, day care centers, a health center, buildings and residential condominiums.

The main fact that has driven this change is its proximity to the central region of the city, which attracts people who seek quality of life through the practice of sports and contact with nature without giving up urban facilities.

Campeche neighborhood and beach
Aerial view of Praia do Campeche

In the last decade, Campeche received several investments in infrastructure, with the paving of the main roads, such as Avenida Pequeno Príncipe, which crosses the neighborhood in the East-West direction, and Avenida Campeche and Rua do Gramal, in the north-south direction. .

Avenida Pequeno Príncipe - Campeche neighborhood
Avenida Pequeno Príncipe - Campeche neighborhood

Tourists looking for Campeche find in the neighborhood a good variety of inns and only two tourist-class hotels. THE Campeche beach, one of the main attractions of the neighborhood, attracts a large number of bathers in search of perfect conditions for the practice of surf and kitesurf, or simply to delight in its dark blue waters.

Kitesurfing in Florianopolis
Kitesurfing in Florianopolis

Right in front of the beach is the Campeche Island, which has a rich ecosystem and holds a significant portion of Santa Catarina's archaeological heritage, in addition to having a dozen trails. However, these trails can only be performed in the company of a monitor.

Aerial view of Campeche Island
Aerial view of Campeche Island

Another point in the region that has trails is the Morro do Lampião, which takes its name from the lights that were lit there to help the planes that landed in the field of Sociêté Latécoère, the first international airport in southern Brazil. From the top of the hill, it is possible to have a panoramic view not only of the beach and Ilha do Campeche, but also of neighboring neighborhoods such as Carians, Coastal Pirajubaé, Bag of Lemons e Tavares River.


Many fairs and popular festivities are held in the premises of the Capela de São Sebastião, a construction that dates back to the XNUMXth century. There is even a trail that leaves the chapel and heads towards the dunes do campeche. It is used for the processions of the Passion of Christ, being, therefore, one of the most important cultural references in the region, as it reveals a little of the customs of the old residents.

Recently, the stretch of Campeche beach known as Riozinho began to stand out as the new meeting point for young people in Florianópolis, especially for fans of sports such as kitesurfing. The area has some bars, a beach volleyball court and a space for concerts, having received important names from national and international music over the last few years.

Campeche neighborhood - Riozinho Beach
Riozinho Beach - Campeche

Another region that has gained prominence at the moment is the region known as Novo Campeche, a high-end subdivision area located by the sea, between the central region of the Campeche neighborhood and Praia da Joaquina, belonging to the Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood.


The name of the Campeche neighborhood comes from the island in front of the beach - Ilha do Campeche, as it has been known that way since at least the XNUMXth century. Historians claim, however, that the term is much older and comes from a reddish-stemmed tree called Pau Campeche. Like Pau Brasil, Pau Campeche would have been much sought after at the beginning of the colonization process for textile dyeing.

The formation of Campeche began around 1880, when some families of Azorean origin moved from Conceição Lagoon towards the plains of the south of the Island. There they settled and started small farms, with emphasis on the cultivation of manioc and cotton. Poultry, cattle and pigs were raised, but the proximity to the sea made the fishery the most important activity in the region.

With the construction of the Capela de São Sebastião, relationships between community members began to revolve around Catholic traditions. There, balls and soirees began to be promoted, in addition to festivities such as the Terno de Reis and the Festa de Santos Reis. The making of bobbin lace - trace of the Azorean colonization still present in the neighborhood - was also carried out at that time.

During the 1920s, the French air mail installed an airfield in the neighborhood that was used for refueling flights between Paris and Buenos Aires. The route commander, none other than the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, took the opportunity to rest and ended up making friends with the residents of the region. Hence the legend that the name of the neighborhood would have come from the French nickname that the visitor gave to the place: countryside and fishing, that is, champ et pêche.

Main access to Praia do Campeche
Main access to Praia do Campeche

Around 1950, the way of life of the residents of Campeche was changed by the introduction of boat fishing. Several natives saw there a possibility of social ascension, since the source of extra income allowed the acquisition of more sophisticated materials for fishing. However, these possibilities were drastically reduced with the arrival of large companies in the fish business during the military regime.

Between the 1970s and 1980s, with the modernization of Florianópolis, the neighborhood approached the center of the city due to a series of large works. The construction of the general road, between 1973 and 1974, and its subsequent paving, in 1984, stands out. a health post.

Campeche Avenue
Campeche Avenue

In recent years, Campeche has become one of the main targets of real estate speculation in the capital. Gradually, the large plots of land gave way to residential condominiums and a significant migratory flow significantly impacted the region. Currently, the great concern of the inhabitants of Campeche is to reconcile the growth of the neighborhood with the preservation of natural and historical assets.

Video of Praia do Campeche

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