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Região: south of the island
Close quarters: Campeche neighborhood (4 km) | Conceição Lagoon (6 km) | Coastal Pirajubaé (6 km)
Nearby beaches: Campeche beach (3 km east)| Lagoa da Conceição beach (7 km north)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 13 km | Airport 9 km
Also find: dunes, trail, Night life

Rio Tavares is located in the south-central region of the Island of Santa Catarina, between the neighborhoods Coastal Pirajubaé, Carians, Campeche e Conceição Lagoon.

It is a neighborhood of great importance in the spatial context of the city as it is the main artery connecting the regions north, nimble e central with the region on da Ilha, since two of the only three access roads cross the neighborhood in the west-southeast and north-south directions.

It is for this reason that the neighborhood concentrates a wide variety of commercial stores along the SC-405 and Dr. Antônio Luiz Moura Gonzaga, with an emphasis on furniture, construction materials and automobiles, among others.

Rio Tavares Neighborhood Integration Terminal
Rio Tavares Integration Terminal

The Tavares River also plays an important environmental and socio-economic role, since part of the neighborhood is concentrated between three conservation units that house two large green areas and a freshwater spring.

On the northwest side of the neighborhood is the Parque Municipal do Maciço da Costeira (PMMC), with an extensive area of ​​Atlantic forest, a natural shelter for several species of birds and local fauna. It is in the northwest portion, next to the hills, that a large quarry is located, from which large amounts of material are extracted daily to supply the civil construction market in the municipalities of Greater Florianópolis.

Tavares River

In the northeast part is part of Parque das Dunas, which comprises a vast area of dunes and restinga vegetation.

In the central region of the Tavares River is the Little Lagoon Park, an area with sandy soil, where part of the water table emerges, giving rise to the Lagoon, streams and wetlands.

Little Lagoon - Rio Tavares neighborhood
Little Lagoon

At the southern end of the neighborhood is the Coastal Pirajubaé Extractive Reserve, with its immense mangrove swamp cut by the Tavares River, which gives the neighborhood its name. At the mouth of this river is a community that lives off the extraction of cockles, a small and very abundant type of mollusc that has become one of the most characteristic dishes of the island's cuisine.


The northeastern part of the Rio Tavares occupies a plain that was once an area of ​​fields and which today is taken over by several residential subdivisions. The shore is formed by an extensive area of ​​sandbanks and dunes, where access to the beach can only be done on foot, through trails. Curiously, the beach that bathes the entire neighborhood is called Campeche beach, as it is a single piece of sand that begins in the neighboring district, Campeche, and extends to the Joaquina Beach.

There are still large open areas in the neighborhood that mix pastures, woods and restinga areas, giving, at a certain point, a rural air to the Tavares River, where it is still possible to contemplate a bucolic countryside landscape. Another natural attraction of the neighborhood is the Lagoa Pequena.

Children in the Little Lagoon
Children in the Little Lagoon

Along the neighborhood you can find a wide variety of inns and houses for season rental. At gastronomic options in Rio Tavares are eclectic, ranging from Japanese cuisine to typical restaurants, buffets by the kilo, pizzerias, snacks and ice cream, most of them concentrated along the Dr. Antonio Luiz Moura Gonzaga.

On SC-405 is the Rio Tavares Integration Terminal (TiRio), from where buses depart for neighborhoods and locations in the south of the island such as Caieira da Barra do Sul, Taper, Campeche, Castanheiras, Costa de Cima, Costa de Dentro, Frame and the south swamp. Next to TiRio is the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in the south of the island, which is a polyclinic that works 24 hours a day for emergency care.


History of the Tavares River

In the XNUMXth century, the Rio Tavares region was occupied by immigrants from Third Island of the Azores, which in the colonization process developed several subsistence activities such as fishing and agriculture, with special attention to the planting of cassava for the production of flour in mills, coffee, sugar cane, corn and cattle raising. This region was also well known throughout the state for the quality of the watermelons and melons it produced.

In 1874, the English company Western Telegraph Company, which created a station, where the submarine cable arrived, responsible for telegraphic communications at that time. This station was very important, as it served as a signal distribution point between Florianópolis, Santos (SP) and Rio Grande (RS). From these two points communication spread to Europe, Africa and North America.

The Western Telegraph, also called Cabo Submarino by the islanders, operated in Florianópolis until 1973, when the local office was closed. One of the few remaining legacies is the watch donated by the company, which is installed on the northern tip of the Municipal Public Market, in the city center.

July, 1971. Another company that chose the region - this time with more considerable environmental impacts - was Pedrita, with the objective of extracting, industrializing and commercializing inputs for the civil construction industry, especially the various forms of stones.

Rio Tavares Neighborhood - Location

Between 2000 and 2010, the region became the target of rampant real estate speculation, with the sale of irregular lots and the consequent opening of irregular streets and the proliferation of clandestine constructions in many areas. More recently, with two important works, - the creation of the third lane on Highway SC-405 and the new access to the Airport - the value of real estate has undergone great appreciation.

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Tavares River

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