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Região: Central Region of the Island
Close quarters: Trinity (1,7 km) | Santa Monica (1,8 km) | Pantanal (2 km) | Itacorubi (2,5 km)
Nearby beaches: Conceição Lagoon (7 km east) | soft beach (10 km east) | Joaquina Beach (11 km east) | Cacupe beach (12,5 km north)| Campeche beach (14,2 km south)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 7,5 km | Airport 16 km
Also find: Night life, students, ecological park, trail

Córrego Grande Neighborhood - Location on the Map

The neighborhood Big Stream is located in Central region of Santa Catarina Island, between the neighborhoods Pantanal, Trinity, Santa Monica e Itacorubi. Due to the accelerated urban growth to which it has been subjected in recent decades, the region mixes buildings, subdivisions aimed at the upper-middle class population, pastures with livestock and a significant green area.

The main route of Córrego Grande is called João Pio Duarte Silva and concentrates a good part of the local commerce. In it we can find several restaurants, some bars, small commercial buildings, gyms, soccer field, private schools and also the Basic Education School Father João Alfredo Rohr, whose name honors one of the most important figures in the history of the neighborhood and in Brazilian archeology.

Córrego Grande - Rua João Pio Duarte Silva
Córrego Grande - Rua João Pio Duarte Silva

Highlights the Córrego Grande Ecological Park, which occupies 21 hectares of native vegetation and offers a series of recreational and educational activities for its visitors. Hidden in the middle of the Atlantic Forest is the Poção, a natural pool protected by law and which allows few visits at a time. There is also a trail that starts from the Santa Catarina Electric Power Station (Celesc) and goes to the Corner of the Lagoon.

A small part of the campus Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) is officially located in Córrego Grande, including the city hall of the university. The building where the city hall works, by the way, used to be a prison and even received suspects of involvement with Nazism during the Second World War.


The Córrego Grande is named after the river that rises on the slopes of the Pantanal hills, crosses the entire region, connects to the Três Pontes River and, finally, flows into the North Bay. The history of the neighborhood is closely linked to its neighbors, as it used to belong to the parish of Santíssima Trindade de Trás do Morro. Only later, with the master plans for Florianópolis, did the Córrego assume its current configuration.

In the mid-XNUMXth century, due to the demographic growth of communities of Azorean origin that lived by the sea, there was a movement towards the interior of the Island of Santa Catarina. It was when the parishes appeared, formed mainly by farms whose activities were subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry. As access to the city center was limited, small local businesses also formed.


At first, Córrego Grande was a very small town in terms of territory and population. There was only one dirt road that connected the entire region, the houses were made of stucco, the lighting came from kerosene-based lamps and all the water consumed came from the rivers. Over time, sugar, molasses and cachaça producing mills emerged.

Due to the Azorean ancestry, social relations between the residents of the neighborhood were strongly marked by Catholic festivities. Older residents certainly remember the celebrations of Corpus Christi, the Terno de Reis, the Courts and the Boi party. With the settlement of Jesuits in the region, these practices were intensified for many decades.

However, the sociability did not stop there: cockfights and presentations by the Papaya Ox and Tape Stick happened with some frequency. Sometimes there were also balls, the famous “Sundays”. Later, football also joined the set of activities practiced by the inhabitants of the Córrego and several teams were created, including Comercial, Guarani and Santa Cruz.

Throughout the 1960s, with the creation of Ufsc, the neighborhood underwent significant changes and left its rural ways in search of a more urban identity. In the 1970s, with the arrival of Eletrosul in the Pantanal neighborhood, people from various parts of Santa Catarina and Brazil came to work in Florianópolis and chose Córrego Grande as their new home, initiating a strong process of real estate speculation. .

Córrego Grande neighborhood
Córrego Grande Neighborhood - UFSC

Today, as we walk through the streets of Córrego Grande, we can see a large number of high-end residences, most of which are in subdivisions that are less than forty years old. But the negative consequences of this rapid urbanization process are also visible: the green areas have lost a good part of their space and some of the streams that run through the neighborhood are no longer more than small streams of water.

Location Map of Córrego Grande Neighborhood - Google Earth
Location of the Córrego Grande neighborhood

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