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Região: south of the island
Subdivision: Campeche
Nearby beaches: Joaquina Beach (along the beach 7,5 km north) | Morro das Pedras beach (along the beach 3,5 km south)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 15 km | Airport 9 km
Beach Type: Tombo beach (coarse sand and depth increases fast) and Intermediate Beach (variable bottom, with sandbanks)
Curling: High (from medium to large waves)
Sand range: Long (above 20 m)
Beach Length: 3,5 km
water temperature: Fria
Also find: boat ride, surf, dunes, fishery, trail, lagoons, fishing

Location of Praia do Campeche - Florianópolis

With three and a half kilometers long, the Campeche beach it is very frequented by surfers and kitesurfers, due to the characteristics of the sea and wind, and by young people, mainly in the region of Riozinho.

Praias do Campeche also receive several families due to the great availability of accommodation and the rapid population growth that the neighborhood has experienced in recent years. This makes Campeche one of the most eclectic and democratic beaches on the island.

Campeche beach
Aerial view of Praia do Campeche

Three beaches in one

Praia do Campeche does not have any physical boundary that separates it from its neighbors, Praia da Joaquina, to the north, and Praia do Morro das Pedras, to the south. It starts near Lagoinha Pequena, considered the southern limit of the Joaquina Beach, and ends at the north corner of the Morro das Pedras beach. As there are no boundaries between the three beaches, you can stroll around, walking or cycling, through several kilometers of sand on this immense beach on the east coast.

Campeche beach
Praia do Campeche with Praia do Morro das Pedras in the background.

Campeche Island

The region of Praia do Campeche is also famous for the paradise Campeche Island, located about 1,5 kilometers from the beach. There are several boat and schooner trips especially for the Island. they come out of Armacao Beach, Barra da Lagoa and Praia do Campeche itself. There you will find a beautiful and unique beach, archaeological sites with rock inscriptions and lithic workshops with more than 4.500 years, trails and preserved nature. For those who like to dive, there are walks along the underwater trails led by monitors. You can see seahorses, anemones and beautiful fish among the rocks.

Campeche Island
The only beach on Campeche Island

In addition to its natural beauties, the strategic location of Campeche neighborhood facilitates quick travel for both south island beaches how much for the east island beaches.


One of the most distinguished visitors to Campeche – honored with the name of the main avenue in the neighborhood, the Little Prince – was the French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. During the 20s, Saint-Exupéry was the commander of a French mail flight. He made stops at an airfield installed in Campeche, which is certainly one of the community's historic landmarks.


Natural Features of Campeche

There are 11,5 kilometers from end to end of the beach (involving the two neighboring beaches), with a strip of white, fine and wide sand. The Campeche sea is thick, with cold waters and generally high salinity. The waves are strong and those on the right with a southern swell provide ideal conditions for the surf. This makes the beach one of the main strongholds of the sport in Florianópolis.

Lagoa da Chica - Campeche
Lagoa da Chica - Campeche

As Dunes do Campeche cover an area of ​​121 hectares and are listed as Natural and Landscape Heritage of the municipality. The area is a field of fixed, semi-fixed and mobile dunes, situated along the beach. In these places there is vast vegetation of restinga, herbaceous, shrub and arboreal; and also undergrowth. Other places to visit are the ecological reserves: Lagoa da Chica and Little Lagoon.


History of Campeche

According to data from the prefecture, the 1786 map shows that the entire eastern shore was seen as a single beach, Praia do Mandú. The Map of Paulo Jose Miguel de Brito reveals that Campeche Island had that name since 1790. From 1860, the beach was also called Campeche. There was a lot of Campeche or Pau de Campeche on the island, during the colonization period, so that's where the name came from.

Campeche Island seen from Campeche Beach
Campeche Island seen from Campeche Beach

There is another version, more popular and widespread. French air mail Sociêté Latécoère, in the 20s, chose to build an airfield in Campeche to refuel Paris-Buenos Aires flights. The writer Saint-Exupéry he was the commander of the route and always stopped to rest. Delighted, he made friends and stayed here for a while. They say that the name Campeche appears at this moment, when the French said Champ et Pêche to designate the Fishing Field.

Finally, it is known that the Aviation Field marked history, being the first international airport in the south of the country. And the main street in the neighborhood is named after the Little Prince, the main work of Saint-Exupéry.

Video of Praia do Campeche

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Accommodation at Praia do Campeche

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