Campeche Island

Located on the east coast of Santa Catarina Island, opposite Praia do Campeche Beach, Campeche Island has a rich ecosystem and is home to a representative portion of the archaeological heritage of the State of Santa Catarina.

Aerial view of Campeche Island
Aerial view of Campeche Island

Formed by coasts and hills covered with Atlantic Forest, it has a unique and wonderful beach with fine and extremely clear sand. The sea, which varies in color from green to turquoise, has few waves, pleasing divers and children.

There is only one restaurant that remains open for the entire summer. Our tip is to take your snack and plenty of water and even have a picnic. There is no restriction to bring food, chairs and umbrellas.

Since February 1940, Campeche Island has been under the care of the Couto de Magalhães Association, and is currently under the management of IPHAN shared with different associations that help in the conservation of the place.


Archaeological Sites

With more than 100 petroglyphs distributed in 10 archaeological sites, nine lithic stations, rocky monuments and occupation sites, Campeche Island was listed by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional - Iphan in 2000 as National Archaeological and Landscape Heritage. According to archaeological research, the site alone has more rock inscriptions than Santa Catarina Island, the Arvoredo Island and spider island, all together. Among the signs left by ancient peoples are geometric symbols, arrows, zoomorphs, anthropomorphs and masks, also found on the coasts of Santinho beach.

Rock Inscriptions - Letreiro Trail - Campeche Island
Rock Inscriptions - Letreiro Trail - Campeche Island

Native vegetation

The abundant Atlantic forest on the Island began to be modified with the first European settlers. The main focus was the pau-campeche, which gives the place its name and which, like pau-brasil, was widely used to dye fabrics. In addition to extractivism, the vegetation gave way to manioc plantations that fed the fishermen established on the island. With the tipping of the Island, both the degradation by extraction and the cultivation of exotic plants once again gave space to the dense rainforest, which today occupies an area of ​​52 hectares.

Vegetation of Campeche Island
Vegetation of Campeche Island

Fauna in Imbalance

With the occupation of the Island by the Couto de Magalhães Association, some exotic animals were introduced in the place to exterminate scorpions and to serve as hunting for fishermen who were isolated due to bad weather. As a result, monkeys, coatis, chickens and ducks became part of the ecosystem, causing ecological imbalance.

Coatis on Campeche Island
Coatis on Campeche Island

With the change of objective of the Hunting and Fishing Association Couto de Magalhães for the Preservation of Campeche Island, monkeys and ducks were eliminated from the Island. However, the coatis still remain in the area, feeding not only on earthworms, fruits and insects, but also on the eggs of birds such as the endangered blood thief, and on foods provided by tourists, such as potato chips, snacks. , rice, fried fish. Therefore, they are asked not to feed the animals, as they leave their habitats to go in search of goodies. So, when they don't find food, they rummage through the dumps, bite people and bring risks of diseases, such as rabies. This can have an environmental impact. By feeding on fruits, for example, they fulfill the cycle and an ecological role for the environment. Some seeds germinate after they pass through the intestines and stomach of these animals.


The boats and speedboats that arrive on the Island dock directly at Praia da Enseada. At around 400 meters, this is the only point on the island where visitors can stay.

Boat trips to Campeche Island
Boat trips to Campeche Island

Monitored Trails

To get to know the trails, cliffs, archaeological sites and rocky monuments, it is necessary to hire the services of monitors accredited by IPHAN. There is a fee to carry out the trails, where the money is intended for the payment of the team of monitors, maintenance of the island and the rest goes to the management and conservation fund of Ilha do Campeche. The amount paid for a land trail tour varies between BRL 10,00 and BRL 30,00 per person, depending on the tour option. The tour with a longer route can only be done with prior appointment and by visitors in good physical condition and wearing appropriate footwear (sneakers).

The underwater trail diving tour lasts approximately 1h30 minutes and costs BRL 60,00 per person. This price includes the rental of wetsuits, mask, snorkel, fins, the monitoring of an exclusive monitor for each group of 04 people and transport to the trail in an artisanal fishing vessel. It is expressly forbidden to walk the trails without the accompaniment of accredited monitors (blue shirt), to carry food and drinks in cans or bottles, mainly alcoholic, except water and isotonic drinks. It is also forbidden to camp, make fires, take or collect animals, shells and plants and climb the rocks and cliffs at the north and south ends of the beach.


During the summer season there are lifeguards monitoring the bathers on the beach, and the removal of people, in cases of emergency, is only done by boat or helicopter.

On the island there are no containers for the disposal of garbage of any kind, so it is essential to take plastic bags to store all the waste produced and bring it back with you on the boat. Visiting Campeche Island is subject to weather conditions, and can be closed at any time, for reasons of visitor safety and heritage conservation. For the preservation of this fragile ecosystem to be effective, they are allowed in the maximum 800 visitors per day on site.

Discover some of the island's trails

bat cave


Stone Stuck

North turn

Southern Black Stone

Lookout Stone


How to go to Campeche Island

For those who are in any part of the island and do not know how to get to the departure points, the most comfortable way is to count on the help of Turism agencies, tour companies or the taxi drivers in Florianópolis. For those who prefer to travel on their own to the boats, there are three departure points for boats to Campeche Island:

  • From the Armacao Beach, the transport is carried out in artisanal fishing vessels, licensed by the Captaincy of the Ports, and the journey takes between half an hour and forty minutes.
  • From the Campeche beach, the transport is carried out by inflatable boats and the journey takes between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • Already the output of Barra da Lagoa beach is done both by closed vessel, whose journey lasts around one hour and twenty minutes, and by boats, whose route is personalized and can last several hours, as is the case with Tour to Campeche Island and Beaches on the East of the Island.

The transport costs vary between R$ 75 to R$ 150, for the round trip.
- Departures from Praia da Armação (Fishermen's Association - Av. Antônio Borges dos Santos, 855) - Between R$75 to R$120 per person. Children up to 05 years old do not pay.
- Departures from Praia do Campeche - Between R$100 to R$150.
- Departures from Barra da Lagoa - Between R$100 and R$150 (except speedboats, whose prices depend on the tours chosen, which are personalized).

Attention: We are not responsible if there is a discrepancy between the amounts presented here and the amounts actually charged for the services, as they are the responsibility of the transport associations and may vary according to demand. In high season (December 15th to April 30th) the reception is held, between 9 am and 13 pm, in the Sala da Ilha do Campeche located at the entrance of the Association of Artisanal Fishermen of Armação. Group appointments are made by calling (48) 98416-8476. High season starts on December 15th.

The only beach on Campeche Island
Campeche Island beach
More information about visiting:

Campeche Island Visitation and Conservation Program - Information Center: (48) 98416-8476 (from 9 am to 13 pm).

APAAPS Nautical Transport - Artisanal Fishermen Association Armação Pântano do Sul: (48) 98430-4097 (WhatsApp).

association of Transport from Campeche: (48) 3338-3160.

association of Transport from Barra da Lagoa: (48) 3232-4019.

Information about diving and trails: (48) 98416-8476

Restaurant Information: (48) 98449-4345

Who can help:

Turism agencies

Tourist Tour Companies

Tours and Boat Rental Companies

- Accommodation near Campeche Island: Accommodation in Praia da Armação, Accommodation at Praia do Campeche e Accommodation at Morro das Pedras Beach. Accommodation at Barra da Lagoa Beach can be a good option for those who opt for the beautiful schooner ride departing from this beach.



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