Historical Heritage

Florianópolis, the Magic Island, is beautiful, beautiful, monumental. Its characteristics are even more evident when we come across, on every corner, part of its historical, cultural and ecological heritage preserved until today.

Historical Heritage - Hercílio Luz Bridge
Hercílio Luz Bridge

As for the access to the island, we have the Hercílio Luz Bridge, built over 90 years ago - revitalized in 2020 - , considered the city's favorite postcard. In the downtown district, Cruz e Sousa Palace, also listed as a historical patrimony, was the Government Palace and today houses the Santa Catarina Historical Museum, which keeps in its collection the green belly political memory (term used to refer to the people of Santa Catarina, having its origin in the color of the uniforms of Santa Catarina troops in the colonial and imperial periods).

The history of Florianópolis can be recapitulated in its various alleys, houses and small buildings that until today exude the charm of the old Desterro (Vila de Nossa Senhora do Desterro as it was called in colonial times), with its Portuguese-Azorean architecture located not only in the center but in other points where Portuguese colonization began. the parish of Ribeirao da Ilha, in the south of the island, draws attention and is a reference to the bucolic island, almost stopped in the XNUMXth century. It also happens to the north of the island, in the historic center of Saint Anthony of Lisbon.

Historical Heritage - Fortresses
Fortress of Santo Antônio de Ratones

The story of the city, especially from the time of the maritime expansion of the Iberian kingdoms of Portugal and Spain, can be felt in the monumental Historic Fortresses of Santa Catarina Island, from the Brazilian colonial period (XNUMXth century).


Furthermore, ecological heritages are beauties preserved forever: Peri Lagoon, Morro da Cruz, Florianopolis Dunes, Lagoinha do Este and islands of Santa Catarina Island

Historical and Natural Heritage Dunes
Joaquina Dunes

Below we have some of the historical patrimonies with more detailed information. Have a good trip!