Daniela's Beach

Daniela Beach - Florianopolis Beach

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Região: north of the island
Subdivision: Daniela's neighborhood
Nearby beaches: Jurerê Internacional beach (3,5 km west)| Forte beach (6 km north)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 27 km | Airport 38 km
Beach Type: shallow beach (fine sand and depth slowly increases)
Curling: Calm (no waves)
Sand range: Narrow (up to 10 m)
Beach Length: 3,5 km
water temperature: Moderate
Also find: water sports, fishery, trail, mango

Map Location Praia da Daniela

The geographic formation of Praia da Daniela is impressive in itself. It is a mini-peninsula - a point of sand with vegetation - that extends to the sea, advancing over the waters.

A community where luxury residences are mixed with traditional houses and which preserves the tranquility of those looking to stay away from the excessive tourist traffic. It is bathed by the calm and warm waters of the north bay, perfect for those who go to the beach with children and the elderly.

The region has few services. There, leisure is to walk along the beach, fish and discover the natural beauty that the mangrove, the main vegetation in the area, hides. Clubbing, parties and greater tourist movement are located on nearby beaches, with easy access by car.

Daniela's Beach

Natural Features of Praia Daniela

The region is characterized as a point of sand, light and fine, with approximately 3,5 km in length and widths ranging from 3 to 15 meters.

The sea has the characteristics of a bay, with little waves and waters with a pleasant temperature, suitable for swimming all year round. The northern portion of Praia Daniela faces the continental region, where the Municipality of Governor Celso Ramos. The currency with Forte beach it is made by groups of small cliffs with stones interspersed with 3 small strips of sand.


The part of the beach that faces south, advances into the sea towards the Ratones Islands and forms the estuary where the Ratones River flows. This region is covered by mangroves, has a muddy bottom, with high salinity.

Daniela's Pontal
Daniela's Pontal

This formation occurs by a natural system that permanently feeds the point. The marine currents from Ponta das Canas e Canasvieiras bring the sand, which is blocked by the outlet of the Ratones River, creating a natural deposit.

At this point on the beach it is advisable a lot of attention with children and adults with little experience with swimming, as there is a submerged current strong that can drag bathers to the middle of the channel, away from the beach. There is only monitoring by lifeguards during the summer season.

Always calm waters of Praia da Daniela

History of Praia da Daniela

It was once a region of little importance to the ancients. There were no inhabitants, just a few fishermen looking for shrimp, crab and cockles. These animals are found in this area precisely because they develop in mangrove regions. It is also for this reason that housing was never sought after – the soil is muddy and very wet.


In the early 1970s, the city government approved the subdivision of the region, despite violating article 2 of the forest code, which states that stabilizing regions of mangroves and fixing dunes must be preserved.

The person responsible for the urbanization project was João Prudêncio de Amorim, who, at the time, owned a real estate agency that served in the cities of Florianópolis and Biguaçu. Plots were organized for the construction of buildings, streets and squares.

From that moment on, Pontal beach was called Balneário da Daniela, in honor of one of Prudêncio de Amorim's granddaughters.

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