North Island beaches

North of the Island Beaches - Florianópolis Beaches

As North Island beaches are the most beaches developed in terms of infrastructure, with many hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, among other tourist services.

Ingleses Beach

Canasvieiras e English are the main resorts, most populous and busy. They are much sought after by Mercosur tourists and families looking for warm and calm waters; on these beaches you can find everything. They are true 'independent cities'.

Canasvieiras beach

It is also in this region that Traditional Jurerê e Daniela, two other beaches frequented mainly by families with small children, precisely because of the calm and crystalline sea.

So is also the cacupé, which in addition to the calm waters has a boardwalk for walking and contemplation.

Daniela's Beach

Jurerê International exudes its glamour. While the communities of Saint Anthony of Lisbon e sambaqui they are traditional neighborhoods of Azorean colonization, which maintain that bucolic air.

Through a narrow and steep path, we have the Forte beach, a fishermen's corner and few inhabitants.


The beach of Bom Jesus waterfall for not having a boundary between the beaches of Ponta das Canas and Canasvieiras has a gigantic coastline.

Next to there is the quiet Lagoinha Beach.

Lagoinha Beach

Brava Beach concentrates the warm waters of the North of the Island with the waves of the open sea. A haven for many surfers.

Santinho beach

Also ideal for surfing is the Santinho beach, which also holds part of the archaeological collection of the Island of Santa Catarina.

Discover all the North Beaches of the Island:

North Island beaches
  1. Bom Jesus waterfall
  2. cacupé
  3. Canasvieiras
  4. Daniela
  5. English
  6. Jurerê International
  7. Traditional Jurerê
  8. Lagoinha
  9. Ponta das Canas
  10. Brava Beach
  11. Forte beach
  12. Santinho beach
  13. sambaqui
  14. Saint Anthony of Lisbon
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