Leisure and Sports

If you like movement, Floripa is the ideal place to be and live.

Considered the Brazilian capital where people are more active and recognized for its beautiful views, which involve mountains, beaches and lagoons, Florianópolis offers several options for those who like to exercise or just practice outdoor activities, in constant harmony with nature. .

No matter the weather, just walking around the neighborhoods or on the beaches of the island is enough to find people walking, running, cycling, or practicing some type of physical activity, at any time of day. Whether in the sky, on land or at sea, the city offers a wide range of leisure activities for all levels and tastes.

We have selected some of the most common sports practiced in the region and detailed each one so you know what you need to practice them:

In the eastern region, water sports are highlighted: The beaches, facing the Atlantic Ocean, are the most favorable for the practice of surf, while the Conceição Lagoon gets more colorful with the candles windsurf e kitesurf. In Jurerê, in the north of the island, is the main lane for lovers of Triathlon and yachting.

In the central region, between the south and north bays, rowing is the most practiced sport, while on the southeastern side of the island, the beaches and long coasts become the ideal environment for those who enjoy fishery with rod or net. the supporters of go contemplative can admire the richness of the marine fauna and flora in paradisiacal places like the Campeche Island and Arvoredo Marine Reserve.

in the sky, the Paragliding and Hang Gliding are the options for those who want to see the island from another angle. There are ramps spread over the hills of the north and east of the island. Another radical option is a Parasail ride along the coast of Canasvieiras, Jurerê and Ponta das Canas beaches.

For those who like to venture out on hikes or on bicycles, trails are not lacking. With various levels of difficulty, they lead to remote locations, where nature still remains untouched and can be done in groups, either on foot or by car. MTB.

The most audacious find a perfect place here.  Tree climbingAbseilingRafting and the Slackline are some of the sought after practices.

Explore Florianópolis playing sports and enjoying the activities that the city provides, but remember: Respect the safety limits. Take from nature only good memories.

Em tours, we selected some special leisure itineraries, such as the boat trip to the Lagoon coast, the Schooner Tours that travel through several beautiful and historic places, the Beira mar Avenue preferred for walks and runs in the beginning of the day and in the end of the afternoon, the Córrego Grande Ecological Park that brings together nature and cultural and spiritual activities.