Floripa is a destination that offers good options for skaters. Of course, every skater always thinks that there could be more tracks and places dedicated to the sport. But the truth is that you can make good laps in the ones that already exist.

The main public lanes in the city are as follows:

strait runway

It is right next to the Orlando Scarpelli stadium, from Figueirense. It is a street area that has a bench, quarter-pipe with two heights, straight ramp and funbox with handrail. Care must be taken as there are some holes in the concrete.


Coastal runway

This is a brand new skatepark, probably the best public rink in town. It is located in the Costeira do Pirajubaé neighborhood, the region is also known for being the south coast of Floripa. On weekends, the place is quite busy, as in addition to the skatepark there is a playground and sports courts. The obstacles of the place are a banks, straight ramps, stairs, mini-ramp, funbox, savannah and quarter-pipe.

Seaside track

The Beira-Mar Norte track is located right in front of Shopping Iguatemi. Despite being a good track and being in one of the most populated neighborhoods in Floripa, it doesn't have much movement, even on weekends. There is a good mini-rampa and also a street area.

Atlantic Garden track

Located on the mainland of Floripa, Jardim Atlântico skatepark is also an option for a good ride. The transition from the mini-ramp is not very good, so care must be taken before the drop. The street area is good, allowing for several maneuvers.


Coconut mini-ramp

Behind the Coqueiros police station, also on the mainland, there is a concrete track in poor condition. It is a mini-ramp, which can also be considered a mini half-pipe due to its strong transition. Anyway, it is almost never used because it is full of holes and without a coping. Also the flat is too short.

Floripa also has some private slopes. One of them is a true classic that, unfortunately, is abandoned and in poor condition. It is the Snake-run of Clube 12 de Agosto, Jurerê. Built in the 70s, it also has a half-pipe at the end of the slope. It's a radical peak and it should be reactivated!

The Hi Adventure Inn, located in Tavares River, it has a great banks, but that is for the exclusive use of the guests. In the Rio Tavares neighborhood there are also two private lanes, a wooden half-pipe and a bowl with three depths.

Finally, it is necessary to mention the public lane located at Av. Seaside of São José, municipality of Florianópolis. It is the widest track in the region. It has two mini-ramps, in addition to a large street area.

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