Neighborhoods in the Eastern Region of Florianópolis

Florianopolis neighborhood

The neighborhoods of the east region of Floripa are located in one of the most beautiful and attractive regions on the entire island, the charming east coast.

Neighborhoods of the East Region of the Island - Location Map

Famous for its natural attributes, the region gathers in one place dunes, hills, beaches and one of the most famous postcards of the city, the Conceição Lagoon. It is made up of neighborhoods. Conceição Lagoon, Barra da Lagoa e Sao Joao do Rio Vermelho.

Neighborhoods of the East Region of the Island - Lagoa da Conceição
Conceição Lagoon

The center of Lagoa da Conceição is a multicultural melting pot, where tourists and residents live in harmony on the streets. As it is the oldest settlement in the region, it has the largest tourist and services with bars e restaurants, nightclubs and wide trade, in addition to hosting options cool and many vacation rental properties.

Barra da Lagoa and São João do Rio Vermelho, due to their distance from the city center, are still areas where one can observe striking features of the azorean culture.


For adrenaline junkies, the eastern region is a mecca for sports and adventure on the Island. Trails, surf, windsurf, sailing, kayak, kitesurf, Stand up paddle, slack line, skateboard, rappel, go, tree climbing, zip line, fishery, horseback riding and free fly - Ufa! This all in one place.

Get to know each of the three neighborhoods in the region in detail:

Neighborhoods in the Eastern Region of Florianópolis
  1. Conceição Lagoon
  2. Barra da Lagoa
  3. Sao Joao do Rio Vermelho

Accommodation in the eastern part of the island:

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