Tourism in Florianopolis

Discover the wonders of Florianópolis, where tourism blends perfectly with natural and cultural beauty. Known for its stunning beaches, such as the famous Praia da Joaquina for surfers and the tranquil Praia da Lagoinha for relaxing, the city offers spectacular tropical scenery.

Explore the city's rich history through the historic center, filled with preserved colonial buildings, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Public Market. The local cuisine is a true feast for the palate, with fresh seafood and typical dishes from the region. Be sure to check out the vibrant nightlife at Lagoa da Conceição, where bars and restaurants mingle in a laid-back atmosphere.

Joaquina Beach

With a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking through lush hills to boat trips through bays and islands, Florianópolis is a paradise for nature and culture lovers. Plan your trip now for an unforgettable experience in this jewel of southern Brazil.

Everything fits on this island!

It has root samba, groove, soul, rock, reggae and pop. There are manezinhos, but also people from São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and people from abroad. Florianópolis is mix and contrast.

In summer, the heat sparks. In winter, the fireplace invites you to eat pine nuts, because the south wind is unforgiving outside; messes the tide and causes chills.

who prefers the on or nimble island, knows less explored paths and landscapes, where fishing is the livelihood and the sea sings louder than the noise of the city, the joaquina to Caieira da Barra do Sul.

O north of the island enchants with calmer waters and more agitated sands, without losing the peculiar tranquility of the islander's way of being. Of cacupé until the saint, options abound to choose from. Because everything fits on this island!

Hosting Guide

Florianópolis has options for all tastes and pockets. We select hotels, inns, houses and apartments with direct lease with the owner, residences, apartments and flats, hostels, hostels or backpackers e campings. The real estate are also of great help in finding the ideal location. Access our Hosting Guide and choose the best place to stay in Florianópolis.

Hercílio Luz Bridge - Photo s/a

An island that impresses

Get to know Santa Catarina Island attractions. Which beach to choose? What to do for fun? Here you will find the main attractions of the city. We have concentrated on one page everything you need to know about the beach regions of Florianópolis, in a clear and summarized way. Come on, there's no shortage of options!

orange tree island

Islands of the Island

In addition to the beautiful beaches in Floripa, mother nature was also very generous in offering us wonderful islands. Bathing in crystal clear waters and totally natural landscapes are two of the privileges of getting to know the Islands of Magic Island. Discover the Ilhas da Ilha, and follow the tour route that the Guide has prepared for you!

Castles and Fortresses

Fortresses of Santa Catarina Island

At first, there were nine buildings, most built in the XNUMXth century. Today eight remain, some in ruins. Visit the Silva Paes Defensive System, which had the important mission of defending the Island from enemy invasion, especially from its main rival, Spain. Outdoor story for all ages.

How to get to the beaches of Florianopolis

How to get to the beaches

read the three full itineraries for you to arrive quickly and safely to the main beaches of Floripa: Praias do Sul, Praias do Leste or Praias do Norte. Also meet the companies tours and transfers e car rent that can help you enjoy the best that the city has to offer.

Hercilio Luz International Airport

Hercilio Luz International Airport

Disembark in Floripa stress-free. In this section you will find everything you need to know about Hercílio Luz International Airport, located in the Carianos neighborhood, in the south of the island.

Rita Maria Bus Terminal

Rita Maria bus station

We have a special article about the Florianopolis bus station. See which companies work in the state, which destinations are offered and buy your ticket. We also list establishments for your transport within the city and much more.

Gastronomic Routes

Coconut trees it is eye-popping. Close to the bridges that give access to the island, the neighborhood is charming for its peaceful and developed ambience. As it could not be otherwise, the sea is a prominent scenario and the main thoroughfare in the neighborhood is Av. Eng. Max de Souza, right in front of the waves. In this scenario, there are restaurants for all tastes: from hamburgers to Asian food. Just get there and choose an option. Ideal for eating well and relaxing.