Ingleses Beach

Praia dos Ingleses - Florianópolis Beach

Dunes at Praia dos Ingleses

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Região: north of the island
Subdivision: English from Rio Vermelho
Nearby beaches: Cachoeira do Bom Jesus Beach (6 km west) | Brava Beach (11 km north) | Santinho beach (5 km southeast)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 33 km | Airport 41 km
Beach Type: Intermediate Beach (variable bottom, with sandbanks)
Curling: Median (with small waves) and High (from medium to large waves)
Sand range: Narrow (up to 10 m) and Media (between 10 m and 20 m)
Beach Length: 5,2 km
water temperature: Cold/Moderate
Also find: water sports, surf, trail, dunes, archaeological heritage, 'foot-in-the-sand' restaurants, fishing, Night life

Map Location Praia dos Ingleses

A Ingleses Beach It is one of the busiest destinations on the island of Santa Catarina throughout the year, especially in summer. This is because it has a great infrastructure that goes from beach hotel services to a small shopping mall.

Bars, shows, restaurants, snack bars and the strong commerce guarantee the fun of families and young people at night, while during the day the beach is the favorite place.

Ingleses is one of the main tourist destinations in the Southern Cone. Because of this, many establishments offer bilingual services and it is not difficult to find Argentine newspapers, exchange offices and lan houses.

Ingleses Beach
Ingleses Beach

The large extension of the beach means that, on the one hand, the sea is calm and ideal for taking children and the elderly and, on the other hand, the waves are strong and suitable for the surf. It is the right destination for those who want a beach with lots of movement, bars on the sand, music, shopping, flirting.


The beach has an affectionate nickname: zinga. Natives and residents often speak like this.

Ingleses Beach

Natural Features of Praia dos Ingleses

It is an open beach, facing the ocean to the northeast. It borders on the north with Ponta da Feiticeira, which separates Praia dos Ingleses from Brava Beach – this region has trails that allow access on foot to the two beaches. To the south, Morro dos Ingleses forms the border between Praia dos Ingleses and Praia dos Ingleses. Santinho beach – it is also possible to make trails along this path. (See more on trails)

The beach has a great extension, reaching very close to 5 km. The waves are strong and long, and in the north corner they are bigger and more violent than in the south corner. The sand is very fine and white, and in this region there is the largest formation of dunes in the city. In summer, the water temperature is warm and pleasant, suitable for a nice bath.

Children playing at Praia dos Ingleses

History of Praia dos Ingleses

There are few historical records about Praia. It is known that it bears this name because of the sinking of an English vessel in the area, between 1683 and 1737. These dates were established by analyzing the objects found, such as a Gunther ruler with the inscription “1683”, ceramic vases where drinking water and various other nautical instruments were kept.

From the conditions in which the rudder of the vessel was found, it is suggested that there was a fire on board. Some bones were unearthed. They belonged to men between 16 and 20 years old – common age for sailors at the time. The survivors settled in the Praia dos Ingleses region, where they practiced agriculture to ensure their survival.

The vessel is buried in the sand at depths that vary between one and eight meters, with another two meters of water above – approximately fifty meters from the beach. This shipwreck was discovered in 1989, when a diver found a ceramic jar, which soon became the first clue for historians and archaeologists.


Some sugar and flour mills appeared in the region. Cattle and chickens were also raised. It was a typically Azorean region, with intense fishing activity.

Fishermen at Praia dos Ingleses
Fishermen at Praia dos Ingleses

Praia dos Ingleses still holds the title of record holder in mullet bid, as it collected more than 80 thousand mullets in a single bid.

Until 1958, the community that settled there was part of the District of São João Batista do Rio Vermelho. After that, it became a district of its own.

The region grew and became a major tourist center, with great infrastructure. It is also the most residential beach region, with the largest number of residents, which exceed 40. Today, many even say that Ingleses is a city and not just a neighborhood or beach.

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