Gastronomic Guide

A little bit of everything Os seafood based dishes are the main gastronomic attraction of Florianópolis. You can eat well on Santa Catarina Island, for the simple fact that this is the largest seafood nursery in the country. But Floripa increasingly assumes a role cosmopolitan. The city receives several university students and people of the most varied ages and cultures who bring new tastes and seasonings in their luggage. All this miscegenation transforms Ilha da Magia into an impressive gastronomic diversity that is reflected in the day-to-day dish. Thus, currently Floripa concentrates a large number of restaurants of the most varied specialties. Gastronomic Itineraries If you've already decided on the menu but still don't know where to go, this section is tailored to your needs. O Floripa guide prepared some gastronomic itineraries with basic information to make your lunch, snack or more enjoyable dinner.