Joaquina Beach

Joaquina Beach - Florianopolis Beach

Joaquina Beach
Joaquina Beach

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Região: east of the island
Subdivision: Conceição Lagoon
Nearby beaches: Campeche beach (along the beach 7,5 km south) | soft beach (3,6 km north) | Lagoa da Conceição beach (2,5 km north)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 19 km | Airport 20 km
Beach Type: Tombo beach (coarse sand and depth increases fast)
Curling: High (from medium to large waves)
Sand range: Media (between 10 m and 20 m) and Long (above 20 m)
Beach Length: 3 km
water temperature: Fria
Also find: surf, dunes, trail, 'foot-in-the-sand' restaurants

Location of Praia da Joaquina - Florianópolis

A Joaquina Beach ou "Joaca", as it is nicknamed by the locals, is the beach of the "high" waves. Usually very cold, they have already been dropped (surfed) by big names in surfing, hosting national and even world championships. the surfing events, held since the 70s, gave international recognition to Joaquina.

just like the neighbor soft beach, Praia da Joaquina brings together young and sporty kids. It is also frequented by families and several tourist tours from Brazil and abroad. In summer, the sands of Joaca become the stage for events, many of them sports.

The cluster of rocks, located on the left, draws attention due to the size of the stones and beauty. It pays to wake up early and wait for the sunrise, which many people call singular.

In addition to the beach and surfing, the dunes are also famous, considered the best in the south of the country. There was created the sandboard, a kind of surf, but in the sand. Today it is the main attraction for those who do not risk catching waves in the sea.

Sundboard at Joaquina Beach Dunes
Sundboard at Joaquina Dunes

Natural Features of Praia da Joaquina

As well as the beach Mozambique e Barra da Lagoa, the beaches of joaquina and Campeche are connected by the same strip of sand. But for geographic reasons, the Little Lagoon it is officially the starting point of the beach, which extends to Ponta do Retiro. Joaquina is surrounded by many dunes, which are very busy in high season.

Joaquina Beach with Lagoa da Conceição in the background
Joaquina Beach with Lagoa da Conceição in the background

Joaquina has a length of three thousand meters and a strip of sand between 8m and 80m. The sands are clear and fine. It has the same characteristics as the sea at Praia Mole; is strong, brave and treacherous. Open to the Atlantic Ocean, the beach is toppled, that is, just after the sweep zone the depth can increase abruptly. This happens because the relief of the background has a great slope.

Joaquina Beach

As waves are strong and long, predominantly of the divers (crate) type, which can take bathers into the sea or to the bottom; even in the shallow end. A little before and during high tide (new and full moons), you can clearly see the fountain, another peculiarity of this type of beach and which also makes bathing in the sea even more dangerous.


History of Joaquina Beach

In the past, the beach was known as Ponta das Garças, as it was always inhabited by several birds; Praia do Campeche, when it was all the same beach; Praia do Mar Grosso, because of the salinity of the sea; Praia das Dunas, because before real estate speculation, access was only through the dunes. And from 1975 onwards, as Joaquina.

Access to Joaquina Beach
Access to Joaquina Beach

The beach of "Joaca" gained fame from the 70's, when its waves were discovered by surfers. Several surfing championships were emerging, highlighting great personalities from Santa Catarina and gaining international renown.

Surfing Championship at Praia da Joaquina
Surfing Championship at Praia da Joaquina

The origin of the name Joaquina is shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that in the XNUMXth century Lagoa, a story of love and tragedy took place involving the young couple Joaquina, daughter of Seo Aparício and Dona Aninha, and Alberto, a young fisherman from the Lagoa. According to the book Joaquina - A Garota da Praia, by Ademar C. de Mello, Joaquina asked her lover not to go to the high seas anymore. Alberto then assured him that this would be his last time. And so, the unexpected happened. Albertinho did not return; disappearing from Joaquina's life at the same time she lost Ana, her mother and her grandfather, leaving her only father to take care of.


Even living in Lagoa, despite his father's refusal, he started to cross the sand (dunes) to the beach of the thick sea, justifying taking seafood from the rocks of the coast to help with the budget of the house. In fact, these walks were simply for her, looking at the sea, to remember his eternal love. Three years after her husband's death, the girl who was previously happy and full of life, showed signs of a woman suffering and mistreated by homesickness. Like a fate that pursued him, one morning Aparício dies, at home, in his bed, as if he had voluntarily surrendered to God. Thus, Joaquina leaves Lagoa to live on the beach of the sea thick, isolating herself in a house at the foot of the coast. Since, at dawn on a September day, on the sledges and the beach sand, Joaquina is found dead. Maybe because she can no longer bear the absence of her loved ones. From there, the beach of the sea thick became known as the beach of Joaquina.

Tranquility at Joaquina Beach
Tranquility at Joaquina Beach

Other beliefs say that Joaquina was a lace maker from the early XNUMXth century, resident of one of the beaches on the east of the island of Santa Catarina, who in addition to teaching women to weave threads and form beautiful domestic utensils, prepared food for the fishermen who used to kill. hunger on his ranch by the sea. Legend has it that one day she was on the beach weaving lace when she was swallowed by the strong waves of the sea.

Joaquina Beach Dunes
Joaquina Dunes

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