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Conceição Lagoon
Conceição Lagoon

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Região: east of the island
Close quarters: Barra da Lagoa (7,6 km) | Tavares River (6 km) | Itacorubi (4,5 km)
Nearby beaches: Lagoa da Conceição beach | Joaquina Beach | soft beach | Gravatá Beach
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 14 km | Airport 16 km
Also find: boat ride, water sports, dunes, trail, free fly, fishing, 'foot-in-the-sand' restaurants, gastronomic route, colonial architecture, Night life

Location of Lagoa da Conceição - Florianópolis

The neighborhood Conceição Lagoon, located in the geographic center of Santa Catarina Island, between the districts of Tavares River, Itacorubi, Barra da Lagoa e Red River, is 14 km away from the Florianopolis downtown and 25 minutes from Hercilio Luz International Airport.

It occupies an area of ​​19,71 km² and has a fixed population of over 30.000 inhabitants, distributed in locations such as Centrinho da Lagoa, Canto dos Araças, Lagoon coast, Porto da Lagoa, Canto da Lagoa and Joaquina Beach.

The Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood brings together beaches, dunes, mountains and most lagoa of the Island. Due to its unique beauty, it has become the best-known natural tourist spot in the city.

sports paradise
Windsurfing at Lagoa da Conceição
Windsurfing at Lagoa da Conceição

Whether in the air, on land or in the water, when it comes to the practice of sports in contact with nature, the region of Lagoa da Conceição is the place. If there is wind blowing from the north, east or south quadrants, it is common to find practitioners of windsurf, candle, kitesurf e free fly.

On the neighboring beaches, no matter the temperature, there are always surfers in the water. In the dunes, between Lagoa da Conceição and Joaquina Beach, there are always people dropping in sandboard. But if you want something calmer and more contemplative, there are several trails for ecological tours and mountain bike.

Conceição Lagoon seen from Manoel de Menezes viewpoint
Conceição Lagoon seen from Manoel de Menezes viewpoint

With the large circulation of tourists and residents, commerce in the neighborhood is strong. One of the main points is Shopping Via Lagoa, which has about ten stores and a small food court. In the center, you can find everything from markets, pharmacies and bakeries to surf shops and decoration stores.

Joaquina Dunes - Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood
Nightlife in the Joaquina Dunes

The large number of bars, lounges, nightclubs and restaurants makes the night at Lagoa da Conceição one of the most popular in the city. Even outside the summer season, there is always movement. You can choose between quiet places with live music, performances by alternative bands, nightclubs, a bar with a dance floor or outdoors.


Corner of the Araçás

Canto dos Araçás is one of the oldest locations in Lagoa, as it was in this region that the first Azorean settlers settled, erecting the first church in the village in honor of Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

Little Church of Lagoa da Conceição
Church of Our Lady of Conception

Lagoon coast

A Lagoon coast It is located along the northwest bank of Lagoa da Conceição, and its access is made, in part, by public road, through Rua João Henrique Gonçalves and then only by trail or taxi boat. It is on the Costa da Lagoa that the restaurants serving seafood are located, with emphasis on the famous Sequência de camarão. The locality still keeps the vestiges of the Azorean colonization in its peaceful way of living and speaking.


The Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood was first inhabited by Carijós, Tupi-Guarani Indians. The vestiges of this occupation are the archaeological sites, where arrowheads and sambaquis were found. The lithic workshops, denomination of the places used to make tools, can be seen in the stones of the Joaquina Beach, from soft beach and Galheta Beach. The Indians were also present in some of the legacies left to the Azoreans, among them the cultivation of manioc and the canoe of garapuvu.


first parish

In the middle of the 1748th century, the Portuguese court determined that the island of Santa Catarina be colonized to guarantee its possession. Those chosen for this endeavor were the inhabitants of the Azores Island, who suffered from earthquakes and overpopulation. They came between 1756 and XNUMX and were settled in remote micro-regions, each with its own administration, church and police, called parishes. The Parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Lagoa was the first, founded in 1750.

Lagoa da Conceição downtown
Lagoa da Conceição downtown

Certainly, the most illustrious visit the place received was in 1845, when the Brazilian emperor Dom Pedro II landed in Florianópolis, on the island of Santa Catarina. On the occasion, the emperor donated a silver monstrance (a piece used in religious services) to the Church of Lagoa. The emperor returned in 1861, giving the chapel another gift: the two bells that are still there.

Even with new residents coming from other cities, mainly after 1980, Azorean traditions, such as fishery and bobbin lace, as well as the folklore present in the stories of witches, sorceresses, werewolves and boitatá, are still part of the lives of the natives. The Suit of Kings, the Mousetrap, the Singing of the Divine, the Tape Stick and the Papaya Ox are some of the preserved artistic and cultural manifestations. Currently, the Bento Silvério Cultural Center, located in Praça da Lagoa, works as the main propagator of these activities, offering several courses throughout the year.

Bernúnça - Character of the Boi de Mamão dance - Folklore - Popular Culture
Bernúnça - Character of the dance of the Boi de Mamão

Lagoon video

Joaquina Beach with Lagoa da Conceição in the background

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