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Região: Continental Region of Florianopolis
Close quarters: Centro (6 km) | Narrow (2 km) | capoeiras (3,5 km) | Jardim Atlantico (3 km)
Nearby beaches: Campeche beach (19,5 km south) | Praia do Cacupe (20 km north) | Conceição Lagoon (21 km east)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 6 km | Airport 21 km

Balneário District - Florianópolis - Location Map

The Balneário neighborhood is located in mainland of Florianopolis, facing the North Bay channel, only 6,5 km from the center of the city.

Considered as a recent neighborhood, as it is in an area that used to belong to the neighborhood Narrow, the Balneário assumed its own characteristics, with a more residential focus, but little by little, due to its ease of access and good mobility, it has been strongly modified by the growing real estate speculation.

In the north-central part of the neighbourhood, in an old town known as Ponta do Leal, is the Comunidade da Vila. There are about 80 low-income families who for almost 50 years have been occupying wooden shacks supported by stilts two meters from the ground, so that the high tide does not reach the floor. This set of houses is squeezed between the sea and the wall of the Casan Servers Association (Ascan), on the strip of sand.

The main street that crosses the neighborhood is Rua Coronel Pedro Demoro, however, with the completion of Beira Mar Continental, Rua Castro Alves has taken on an important role in local traffic.



The Balneário neighborhood was once highly sought after by bathers who liked to cool off in the calm waters of the beach there. This fame also attracted new residents and large-scale enterprises, including the one from which the neighborhood would borrow its name: the Balneário subdivision, inaugurated in 1937 and aimed at high-income families.

Until the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the sea was seen by the residents of the Balneário only as a place of work. The men only entered the water when they went fishing with cast nets, while the women were busy catching molluscs and crustaceans. A good part of the area that today corresponds to the neighborhood was known as Pasto do Gado, since it was there that part of the herd destined for the municipal slaughterhouse was located.

Hercílio Luz Bridge
Hercílio Luz Bridge

In the 1910s, Balneário beach became known among wealthy families in Florianópolis as a good place for leisure. With the inauguration of Hercílio Luz Bridge, in the 1920s, access to the region became easier, which increased its popularity. Seeing a good business opportunity there, Mr. Fúlvio Aducci acquired and subdivided the Pasto do Gado, allowing many to build their summer homes there.

change of municipality

Until the 1940s, Balneário belonged to the municipality of São José, which borders Florianópolis. However, during a trip to Rio de Janeiro, federal intervenor Nereu Ramos became aware of a survey that placed Florianópolis among the smallest capitals in the country. Back in the city, he created a commission for the territorial review of Santa Catarina. This commission eventually concluded that a part of São José should be ceded to Florianópolis.

The expectation of the construction of a port and the possibility of improvements in the urban structure of the continent boosted the real estate sector and what happened, over the following decades, was the emergence of a large number of subdivisions in the region. However, it eventually became clear that public attention was focused on the north of Santa Catarina Island, causing the expansion of neighborhoods such as Balneário to slow down and some of their infrastructure problems to remain unresolved for a long time.

Estreito neighborhood with the Balneário neighborhood in the background.
Bairro Estreito with the Balneário district in the background

In recent years, the Balneário has undergone major transformations due to the construction of Avenida Beira Mar Continental, one of the projects provided for in the Master Plan of the 1950s. , which makes the neighborhood still remembered as one of the noblest in the city.

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