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Região: Central Region of the Island
Close quarters: Trinity (3 km) | Big Stream (2 km) | Bunker (1,1 km) | Bag of Lemons (1,5 km)
Nearby beaches: Conceição Lagoon (9 km east) | soft beach (12 km east) | Joaquina Beach (13 km east) | Campeche beach (12 km south) | Cacupe beach (13 km north)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 5,8 km | Airport 13,7 km

Pantanal District - Location Map

Located at Central region of Florianópolis, between the neighborhoods Bag of Lemons, Bunker, Trinity e Big Stream, the Pantanal district is 5,7 km away from the center of Florianópolis and is one of the four university districts that surround the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).

It is a predominantly residential neighborhood, much sought after by students, due to its proximity to the Federal University of Santa Catarina. The neighborhood is distributed along its main road, Rua Deputado Antônio Edu Vieira, which is also the main road connecting the Avenida Beira Mar Norte, in the central region, and the Expressa Sul, in the south of the island.

Pantanal Neighborhood - Deputy Antônio Edu Vieira Street
Pantanal Neighborhood - Deputy Antônio Edu Vieira Street

It has a small trade with a market, bars, restaurants, pharmacy, bakery and gas station, among others. However, it is the presence of Eletrosul - Centrais Elétricas S/A and TVBV, a broadcaster affiliated with Rede Bandeirantes de Televisão, that give the neighborhood notoriety.


According to Virgílio Várzea, one of the most important writers born in Florianópolis, the name of the Pantanal neighborhood would be a reference to a valley through which the watercourse known as Riacho dos Limões ran. The presence of the creek made the land in this valley swampy, which eventually led the residents to refer to the region as Pantanal.


With the arrival of Azorean immigrants, many points in the interior of the Island of Santa Catarina started to be inhabited. One of these points was the town of Trás do Morro, which became the parish of Holy Trinity of Trás do Morro in 1853. This parish corresponds to the region that is known today as Vale do Itacorubi and which includes the neighborhoods of Trindade, Santa Monica, Itacorubi, Córrego Grande and, of course, the Pantanal.

The inhabitants of the Pantanal lived on large farms and their main economic activity was subsistence agriculture. Families planted manioc, sugar cane, coffee and various types of fruit. They also raised animals and managed mills, which allowed the production of sugar, molasses and cachaça. Due to the difficulty of access to the city center, some trade was formed over time.

Pantanal - Eletrosul Employees Association - Elase
Eletrosul Employees Association - Elase

This bucolic climate prevailed until the 1960s. However, the arrivals of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Ufsc) and, later, of Eletrosul, profoundly altered the dynamics of the region: both undertakings were large and required that the Pantanal was incorporated into the main urban fabric, following a rhythm dictated by the needs of the center of the capital.

The sudden inclusion of the neighborhoods of the former parish of Santíssima Trindade de Trás do Morro to the urban universe of Florianópolis also favored the emergence of subdivisions, condominiums and buildings that were capable of absorbing the flow of students and workers who arrived on the Island. This made the Pantanal look like a residential neighborhood, receiving a good part of university students who come from abroad.

Pantanal District - Google Earth Location Map
Location of the Pantanal District

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