Estreito - Florianópolis neighborhood
Avenida Beira-Mar do Continente - Estreito
Avenida Beira-Mar do Continente (Estreito)

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Região: Continental Region of Florianopolis
Close quarters: Centro (4 km) | Balneário (2 km) | capoeiras (2,5 km) | Coconut trees (3,5 km)
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Bairro Estreito - Location Map

O narrow neighborhood is located on the mainland of the municipality of Florianópolis and is the closest mainland neighborhood to Santa Catarina Island. It is a very dynamic region, as it mixes large condominiums and residential buildings with a true infinity of options in terms of commerce and leisure.

The main avenue in the neighborhood is called Fúlvio Aducci and it is where most of the commerce and gastronomic options in the region are concentrated. It is possible to find branches of large supermarkets and wholesale chains.

Important public agencies and military units are located in the Estreito, such as the State Department of Transit (Detran), the School of Sailor Apprentices, the 63rd Infantry Battalion and the Reserve Officers Preparation Center (NPOR).

Fulvio Aducci - Estreito
Avenida Fulvio Aducci

There we also find the Professor Barreiros Filho Municipal Library, which offers courses and develops free projects for the local community. In terms of health, there is the Policlínica do Continente, the Hospital Florianópolis and several clinics.

In the heart of the neighborhood is the Orlando Scarpelli Stadium, headquarters of the Figueirense Futebol Clube, which, in addition to hosting the matches of the main soccer championships in the country, also serves as a stage for some of the biggest cultural events in the city.

Estreito neighborhood with the Balneário neighborhood in the background.
Bairro Estreito with the Balneário district in the background

In terms of outdoor leisure, Bosque Pedro Medeiros presents itself as an option for all ages with its ecological trails, nurseries and areas for picnics. The Nossa Senhora de Fátima square has a multi-sport court, a beach soccer court and a children's playground.

Estreito - Bosque Pedro Medeiros
Pedro Medeiros Forest

Every year, during the month of May, the traditional Feast of the Holy Spirit of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima takes place. For lovers of a beautiful view, from the top of the hill of this church it is possible to see the North Bay and part of the western portion of the island.


Hercílio Luz Bridge seen from the Strait
Hercílio Luz Bridge seen from the Strait

The Strait is so named because it is the part of the continent closest to the island portion of the capital. Belonging to the municipality of São José until the mid-twentieth century, the neighborhood became a dynamic place due to the movement of people and goods that were destined for Florianópolis.

From the 1920s onwards, the mainland became the leisure space for some of the Island's residents. Due to the difficulty of access to northern beaches, the beaches of Coqueiros, Itaguaçu, Bom Abrigo and Balneário do Estreito, with their calm and clear waters, became the destination of the wealthy classes of Florianópolis. Over time, their summer homes emerged in the region.


until the opening of Hercílio Luz Bridge, in 1926, the main route used in the island-continent route was the maritime route. However, weather conditions should be favorable for crossings to take place. Because of this, the neighborhood had several inns that were in charge of housing traders and foreigners. There was also an important slaughterhouse there; the cattle that arrived from the mountain region were slaughtered on the mainland and transported to the insular region via sea. Thus, it did not take long for the Estreito to become an important point of cultural and economic exchanges.

Hercílio Luz Bridge
Hercílio Luz Bridge

In 1930, with the victory of the Vargas movement, the Estreito district was renamed João Pessoa. This fact was not very well accepted by the population and the local press, which meant that the neighborhood did not take long to recover its original name. The implementation of basic electricity networks, the water supply system and the sewage network was added to the construction of the Hercílio Luz Bridge, in order to enhance the urban development process.

The Estreito was officially incorporated into Florianópolis in 1944. This restructuring of the territories of Greater Florianópolis, the result of a decree-law promulgated by Getúlio Vargas, considered for such changes a series of aspects: the territorial inferiority of Florianópolis in relation to other Brazilian capitals, the growth caused by the Hercílio Luz bridge, the large contingent of employees and workers who worked in the capital and lived on the mainland, and the little assistance that the São José City Hall provided to Estreito. This last argument is somewhat peculiar, since the Florianópolis city government gave little assistance to the most distant places within the island itself.


Another important event marked the history of Estreito in the 1940s: the transfer of the headquarters of Figueirense Futebol Clube to the region. Orlando Scarpelli, an industrialist, ceded one of his lands for the construction of a stadium for the club. In return, the building was named after him.

From the 1960s onwards, the city began to develop at an increasingly accelerated pace. Since then, the continent has been growing wildly, especially on account of real estate speculation.

Recently, there was the completion of an important road in Estreito, the Beira Mar Continental, parallel to Fúlvio Aducci. With a project conceived in the 1950s and work started only in 2004, the work was completed in early 2012. There were several environmental consequences, since it was necessary to fill in the entire length of the highway.

Neighborhood location
Neighborhood location

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