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Região: south of the island
Close quarters: Ribeirão da Ilha neighborhood (4,8 km) | Campeche neighborhood (10 km) | Carians (11 km)
Nearby beaches: Tapera Beach | Ribeirao da Ilha beach (south)| Morro das Pedras beach (east)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 20 km | Airport 8,5 km
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Map Location Praia da Tapera

O Tapera neighborhood, Also known as Base tape, is located at the beginning of the south of Santa Catarina Island, right after the Florianopolis Air Base.

Access is via Avenida Deputado Diomício Freitas (access to the Carianos neighborhood), following via Rodovia Aparício Ramos Cordeiro or, for those coming from the south end of the island, via Morro das Pedras, via Rodovia Baldicero Filomeno and then via Rodovia SC-401.

There is access through the Florianópolis Air Base, restricted to military personnel, registered residents and some categories of public servants.

The Tapera region is residential, with humble dwellings, mostly low-income. It has a health clinic and a public school, in addition to a modest local commerce, intended to meet the needs of its residents. Because it is little explored by tourism, in the Tapera neighborhood there are no lodging facilities and restaurants are few and very simple.

Tapera neighborhood and beach
Tapera Beach

A Tapera Beach It is much sought after by families in search of tranquility, being the main leisure of the residents of the region on weekends. Despite its small extension, approximately 520 meters, the strip of sand is narrow, thick and yellowish. The waters are calm and warm, very transparent on south wind days, despite the fact that the sea floor is muddy and full of small shells.

Laranjeiras Island - Tapera Beach
Laranjeiras Island - Tapera Beach

For those who wish to venture out, close to the coast there are two islands: Dona Francisca, also known as Ilha das Flechas, and Ilha das Laranjeiras. When the tide is low, it is possible to walk along a narrow strip of the seabed to Ilha Dona Francisca. To get to Ilha das Laranjeiras, it is only possible to hire a transport by boat, which can be requested for fishermen on the beach.


The name of the Tapera neighborhood is of Tupi origin, with “taba” meaning “village” and “uêra”, in turn, something like “extinct”. Popularly, in Portuguese, the term came to designate abandoned or ruined places, which makes many believe that the region remained uninhabited for some time after the extinction of the Carijó group that lived there.


In fact, the oldest records regarding the occupation of Tapera that have no connection with the Carijós and Itararés, Jês or Guaraní date back to the 1920s, when the Naval Aviation Center was built in the region. It was then discovered that there was a small colony of fishermen in the area who, due to the presence of the islands of Laranjeiras and Dona Francisca, used to practice their work.

A few years later, with the transformation of the Naval Aviation Center into the Florianópolis Air Base and with the elevation of the old Ressacada Landing Field - installed in the neighboring district, Carians - to the category of airport, a large number of workers were summoned to work in Florianópolis and many of them settled in Tapera.

During the 1960s, it was the turn of the calm waters of the beach to draw the attention of residents of the capital, especially those looking for family leisure options. However, the most important event of the time in the neighborhood was the discovery of an archaeological site with 172 burials (93 adults and 79 children) in a shallow grave, opened in the sand, accompanied by their ornaments of shells and animal teeth.

Currently, most of the pieces found there are exhibited in the Museum of the Sambaqui Man.

Tapera neighborhood
Access to Tapera Beach

With the construction of the SC-405 and SC-406 highways, in the 1980s, both Tapera and the other neighborhoods in the south of the island were closer to the city ​​center, which attracted a new wave of new residents to the region.

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